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 Trainer Guide

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PostSubject: Trainer Guide   Thu Nov 14, 2013 2:37 am

Types of Trainers

Traints can be either human, or pokemorph. Both will be treated as trainers in the game, OoC at least. The only exceptions are Human < Pokemon morphs, which may or may not, depending on their anatomy, and if they are capable of even carrying the gear required. In addition, Pokemorphs may only carry 5 pokemon at a time, unless they specify they will not be used for battling. That is correct, a pokemorph may fight using themselves. However this is risky, as if they get knocked out, they will be unable to continue the battle, regardless of if they still can play a pokemon.

Basic Trainers: These are normal trainers, who either have yet to join a group, or simply ignore all the politics, and do what trainers did in the past, collect gym badges, compete in competitions, tournaments, and other such things. These trainers are often what a trainer falls under just after starting their journey.

Military Trainers: These are the trainers or pokemon who are charged with protecting their nation, and it's cities, towns, and territories. They may undergo various "missions" of sorts. These range from running a pokemorph / human / pokemon out of town, to sneaking into another nation and assassinating someone. These trainers take the role of their nations military.

Gym Leaders: Any trainer may become a gym leader at the rank of at least 4. These must be active on the site, as their character may be fired if they fail to RP often and keep active. They may leave the gym, turning it over into the hands of another trainer of at least rank 4, or for it to be run by a mod, in the form of an NPC during their absence. They use elements to styles similar to that of their gym and it's badge.

Elite Four: These are, as their very name says, 4 of the most elite trainers ever. One must have a rank of 6 (Elite), at bare minimum. However a person can be challenged for their title, and as such, such trainers need to stay sharp so as to keep their spot.

Champion: These must be of rank 8, as they are masters. The champion is the strongest trainer in the world, or at least one of the top few, in the case of rivals who are evenly matched enough to play "tag" with the champion, taking, loosing, and retaking the title. Like the Elite Four, the Champion is one of the worlds most famous trainers.
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Trainer Guide
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