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 Stat Guide

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PostSubject: Stat Guide   Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:56 am

So, here it comes. This is where you have read the rankings, and seen my references to stats. And you are thinking "Oh god, please don't tell me this is a highly stat oriented site, or has a complex system. Please don't say that my ninjask can't be evasive even though it's speed stat is amazing. Please oh merciful admin, don't let the stats be as crappy as the games."

Well, you are in luck! There is no numbered stat system. We have the same stats as normal however, but they are not exact, but loose and ripe with freedom. In short, a pokemon's stats are based on logic and how you specify. Obviously a butterfree is never going to have high physical attacking abilities. And clearly, a tehpig will never have very high speed. But within logical restraints, you choose their stats. This adds much more freedom. What if you want a haunter to be as strong as a gengar? No problem, again, within restraints. No logical reason why a haunter can't hover as fast as a gengar can run, so feel free to be just as fast. However physical attack, with just the hands, will result in haunter never reaching gengar's physical attack potential.

Stat Rules:

  • Controversial stats need mod approval. Using a level 5 strength/phys attack on a metapod is a bit ridiculous.

  • Rank 1 pokemon have all rank 1 stats, but 1 stat may be rank 2

  • All pokemon must have 1 stat in each area. No exceptions. Before asking how you customize them at rank 1: you can't. It is one reason everyone can start at rank 2 if they want.

  • No stat can exceed rank 10. If it was allowed, we could have people spending all their stats down to 1 or 2 in order to go extreme in a single stat. (granted like rank: 15 speed would be ridiculous, but I guess it wouldn't hit hard. But it would require many ranks usable only for stat alteration.)

  • Every pokemon has 4 stats that are it's own rank, and 1 that is a rank above it. For example consider a rank 4 mudkip:

    Strength: 4
    Defense: 4
    Spec. Attack: 4
    Spec. Defense: 4
    Speed: 5

  • Often, you will be forced to edit your stats due to the information below. This is mostly logic based. A butterfree will not have high strength. Nor will a slugma have high speed. You can move stats around to your liking. For example, if you did make a butterfree, you can take 5 stat points and move 2 to spec. attack, 1 to speed, and 2 to spec. defense. Let us take that rank 4 mudkip.

    Strength: 6 ( 6-2=4) (1 each coming from the defenses.)
    Defense: 3
    Spec. Attack: 4
    Spec. Defense: 3
    Speed: 5

Strength: Strength is also known as "attack" in the games. This is how physically strong a pokemon or morph is. This is used for the strength and damage potential of direct and physical attacks. These are things like tackles, bites, kicks, punches, etc. This may not exceed 5 unless the pokemon is as large as a human, or have a physical combat aid like large claws, etc. Higher than a rank of 7 requires physical power, and either muscles or claws, or something to give a physical edge to combat. Such as a Excadrill's great claws.

Defense: This stat is used for taking as little damage as possible from bites, kicks, tackles, and other physical damage. May not exceed 5 in small pokemon unless they have armor, or have other ways to protecting themselves. May not exceed 7 without extremely tough hide/scales or armor. Steel and rock types commonly bypass both of these, because rock is in a way armor-like.

Special Attack: Commonly called Spec. Attack, this is the ability to attack with powers or abilities that are not physically powerful. Waves or beams of energy, balls of ghostly energy, those kinds of things. The biggest factor limiting this is bulk. Large and bulky pokemon can't exceed a rank of 5. Without being smaller than a human, a being can not exceed 7 without being of psychic, dark, ghost, electric, grass, or ice types, or have some other advantage in terms of special attack. Exceptions can be made to this. For example if a large or bulky pokemon is made of a semi-solid, like Muk or Goodra.

Special Defense: This is the ability to guard against attacks of a less physical nature. See special attack for more information. This is mostly closed off to very bulky pokemon such as golem, machamp, etc. Such pokemon may not exceed a rank of 5. Without being smaller than a human, a being can not exceed 7 without being of psychic, dark, ghost, electric, grass, or ice types, or have some other advantage in terms of special defense. Exceptions can be made to this. For example if a large or bulky pokemon is made of a semi-solid, like Muk or Goodra.

Speed: Speed has 2 main applications. These are simply movement speed, and evasiveness. The games could not really do this, due to programing problems and whatnot probably. But it makes logical sense that something very fast can be hard to hit, assuming it isn't very large. Such a thing, perhaps, is ninjask. Incredibly fast, this pokemon could be very evasive. However, in the games his speed made no difference, and he was only as evasive as the slowest, bulkiest pokemon. The main limiting factor here is size. Anything bulky or clunky can't get past rank 5. And let's face it, that includes nearly every steel or rock type. The other exception is anatomy. Without wings, something without strong legs, like a dewgong, or other seal-like pokemon, are just not able to be fast out of the water. Such things may not exceed 5 out of the water, but may jump 2 ranks inside water deep and wide enough to travel in. (does not include puddles, etc.)

When it comes to the stats, they are not really exact. They are relative. being 1 lower in speed does not make you much slower, maybe very slightly so. Being 3 speed points lower, however, has a very noticeable impact, and being 5 points lower makes you thoroughly, obviously, and undeniably trounced in terms of speed. Attack and defense are similar. Just because your defense is 10 and their attacks is 9 does not mean you take no damage. It does mean you take little damage unless you are weak to it. That said, if you have 4 defense and they have 9 strength, you are going to be taking a lot of damage if they use a physical attack. Be prepared for a 1 hit KO if you are 4x weak to it, and a almost 1 hit KO if you are only 2x weak to it.
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Stat Guide
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