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 Missions Guide / Template

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PostSubject: Missions Guide / Template   Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:49 am

So then, you want to make a mission? Here is where you find out how to do just that. Firstly, the obvious question. "What is a mission?" Missions are jobs or..well..missions undertaken for someone. It might be running that pokemorph out of town, or perhaps a rampaging charizard is causing problems lighting houses on fire. Missions are things your character is sent out to do, and they gain rewards from it. Missions are created largely by other members, and so long as they make sense, they usually have no problems.

Mission Name: The name of your mission
Mission Rank: 1-8
Mission Area: What area is it in? The thunder plains? Apexia? Gemis? What forum.
Mission Goal: The point of the mission. To kill a human? To run off a rampaging pokemon? Give us the reason and the goal. For pokemon involved, such as running off a charizard, give their rank.
Requirements: Any requirements. If it's in Gemis then clearly morphs can''t take it. But in general give us such information.

[b]Mission Name:[/b]
[b]Mission Rank:[/b]
[b]Mission Area:[/b]
[b]Mission Goal:[/b]
Missions also get a bonus. When they are turned in via topic submittion the participants get:

Rank 1: 10 extra exp, or 10 extra coins
Rank 2: 20 extra exp, or 20 extra coins
Rank 3: 30 extra exp, or 30 extra coins
Rank 4: 40 extra exp, or 40 extra coins
Rank 5: 50 extra exp, or 50 extra coins
Rank 6: 60 extra exp, or 60 extra coins
Rank 7: 70 extra exp, or 70 extra coins
Rank 8: 80 extra exp, or 80 extra coins

All characters actively involved in this will get this bonus. Any person who volunteers as an NPC can give it to the character of their choice. But remember, that NPCing must be taken seriously, don't make the mission pathetically easy. If you NPC that rampaging charizard, keep it realistic, don't go easy.


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Missions Guide / Template
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