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 Combat Guide (Not for simple Pokemon Battles.)

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PostSubject: Combat Guide (Not for simple Pokemon Battles.)   Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:04 pm

So, no doubt you are wondering by the time you read this, how combat works. In the event a true fight breaks out, not a pokemon battle, there are some rules and tips you should know.

Pokemon are often used to attack one another. However, following a massive battle between 2 nations involving 2 trainers on each side, each trying to kill the trainers from the opposing nation, all using 5 or 6 pokemon at once, rules were established. These trainers turned the fight into such a tangled mess of pokemon than all 4 ended up dying, and no one could tell who killed whom. The pokemon casualties were severe as well. They nations reluctantly held a conference, and decided, by far, against peace at the moment, but they did lay down some ground rules for their battling.

International Rules of Battle (IRoB)

  • In battles pertaining to more than 2 trainers, each person may use a single pokemon at a time. The reasoning to to inhibit confusions among the pokemon and the fighters. Many a trainer has been injured or Killed by their own pokemon when this is ignored

  • Pokemon may be withdrawn if they are injured, or for other reasons. This is considered wise. Despite the war, pokemon should not be callously used in a battle until they die. (Not required, but remember you go getting your pokemon killed off and that is more catching and training you have to do.)

  • Don't fight pointlessly in the middle of a city. Civilians will get hurt or injured, and you may just end up with someone more powerful intervening.

  • You may kill your opponent, using a weapon or your pokemon. (But if you agree not to do so OoC, stick to it. If they can prove you did agree and you still killed them, penalties will happen.

Pokemon centers are treated as hospitals on this forum, and pokemon will healing moves may even heal people! This is why many may travel with a chancey, audino, etc. to heal them after battle.
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Combat Guide (Not for simple Pokemon Battles.)
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