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 Statuses and Percentages

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PostSubject: Statuses and Percentages   Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:32 am

Status Conditions

Sleep: So, this condition happens due to either a move, or great exhaustion. The latter is pretty rare. But in short, if you work a pokemon far too hard, a mod can simply jump in and declare that they fell asleep. Far more often, this is due to a move like hypnosis or Sleep Powder. What happens when a battling pokemon is asleep? On this site, they can't take any evasive action, or perform moves, until either 3 rounds have passed, the a very loud noise happens, or they take damage from a rank 3 or higher move. 2 attacks from a rank 2 move are also acceptable.

Burn: Here on PokeRev, we ditch the whole "your attack goes down while burned" thing from the games. It makes no sense tat a burn on the leg makes your punches less strong. Here, they get a noticeable burn, perhaps wit blisters and such, and they can't use that limb as well. What does that mean? Well someone with a badly burned leg won't run fast on it, or kick hard with it. It goes away with some treatment, a move that cures status problems, or a visit to the pokemon center.

Paralyze: This can be caused by all manner of things. Forcefully petting a pikachu can cause it, or any pokemon with static. Or perhaps getting hit with Stun Spore. In this site, a pokemon who is paralyzed is slowed down by half, and often can't move. This can be serious as slowing a pokemon down makes their movements slower, and thus their evasive actions slower.

Poison: Poison is an insidious effect tat causes no ill effects in batter in terms of evasion, attack, etc. What it does do is slowly sap a pokemons health away until they can no longer battle. This lasts until treated wit an antidote, a status removing move is used on them, or else they are treated at a pokemon center. Badly poisoned is even worse than normal poisoning, and requires a special antidote, or 2 normal antidotes.

Confusion: Confusion is a move that changes for this problem. It doesn't cause a pokemon to hurt themselves, but rather causes the to stumble around in confusion. They can take evasive actions, but will likely dodge wrongly, stumble, or fall. They can attack, but it is typically easy to dodge, or even in the wrong direction. Many stories are told of trainers who got badly hurt while ordering a confuse pokemon to attack. One such story speaks of a trainer wo asked his charizard to use fire blast, but the confuse pokemon accidently hit the trainer with it instead. It lasts for 2 turns, or until it wit a rank 3 or higher move, or 2 rank 2 moves.

Attraction: This status condition is banned. It is God-Modding blatantly to say "your pokemon fell in love with mine." or even "You fell in love with my pokemon." Not to mention it is beyond unlikely that you would fall in love wit another pokemon while fighting them. All moves that cause this such as Attract are banned. All moves that have a % chance to cause it, have tat chance removed. All Abilities that can cause this, are banned.


Some moves have a chance at having an additional effect. It might have a chance to confuse or a chance to paralyze. For anything that requires a chance to inflict something or do something, we have a simple system. In full post mode, below submit, is an option for dice. Open it, and click the % dice. From there, when you post, I will post automatically and agaisnt my will (dang it) a number. I can't choose it, as it is automated. That number is your random %. If the move has a 55% chance to inflict sleep, than if your number is below 55, then the sleep was inflicted. If the number given was above 55, than it did not have an effect. For another example, if a move has a 20% chance to confuse, and the number 20 or lower is rolled, it confuses them. But if it is 21 or higher, the effect does not take place.
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Statuses and Percentages
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