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Grand Re-Opening!
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 Slots for E4 and Gym Leaders are open!

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PostSubject: Slots for E4 and Gym Leaders are open!   Thu Nov 21, 2013 1:36 am

So, while mods NPC the gym leaders, people are able to make them. In fact, anyone is allowed to make a character for the Elite 4, and Gym Leaders. Sovuru, soon to be 'Gira,' and Tatsu, for their help, have higher ranking characters, so 2 slots may already be taken. But in general, if a gym sounds good to you and you want to lead it, you may make a Rank 6 character and be the leader of that gym. The downside? You must keep active. Your character will be retired otherwise, and loose that rank officially.


  • Must be active, or the rank will be stripped.
  • May start at rank 6
  • May start with 3 rank 6 pokemon
  • You must you pokemon of vaguely that type for said gym. A ghost gym leader may use a dark pokemon in the mix, as long as it fits the other all theme.
  • May start your own gym Post requested gym and the city here or in a PM and we can work it out.
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Slots for E4 and Gym Leaders are open!
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