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 Alek Rareo

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PostSubject: Alek Rareo   Alek Rareo Icon_minitimeFri Dec 13, 2013 9:38 pm

Basic Character Information:[/center]

Name: Alek
Alias / Nickname: Al, Ar.
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Alek Rareo Tumblr_m4d3y8zwpM1rw1faqo1_500
Alek is very skinny from not eating much for he studies more than he sleeps or eats. He has dirty blond hair that looks spikey and messy along with pale white skin. He wears glasses with a black outline on it, along with a necklace with three red jewels that twinkle even when it's night. He has a black over coat along with a grey t-shirt. He wears a white belt with black stripped pants. He has two bracelets one just a simple red colored string another a black and white stripped band.

Personality: Alek is very anti-social for he says he has better things to do than to talk to someone. He works all the time and gets angry whenever he fails at something or messes something up he has a major case of Ocd often feeling like nothing he does is perfect so everything he does has to be perfect or he thinks he failed himself. He used to be very shy and anti social when he was younger often jealous of his sister for being so brave.

He is very smart a real computer wiz he always makes sure he deos well on tests and other thing related to grades. If it's a test he always pasts it wether it is physical strength or mind ability. He can sometimes get alittle cocky but that is hardly ever for he know that some peopel out there are still smarter than him by tons more. He all and all can be a great friend if he gets past his anti-social habit. He loves to play on the computer, playing Fps games and other games. He is now partially social for his jobs needs him to be social, and he is not as shy as before but he still has problems speaking to girls.

-Change The World
-Know Everything

Trainer Information:

Trainer Rank: Elite
Trainer Type: Elite Trainer




Nation: Apexia
Alliances: Neutral
Education: His education is amazing he began algebra at the age of 7. He was a grade A student in all his grades.

History and it's Gifts:

He is amazing at math, reading, and science.

Computer Wizard

Battle Tactician


-Gets cocky at times
-His ocd

Alek was born and raised i9n a small house on the edge of Apexia with his sister and single mother. Life was not hard for them at all for his mother was a company owner that was very sucessful and his sister a pro athlete. As for him he wasn't as lucky as his sister for he had no friends when he was growing up for he was a apparent nerd to them and they didn't want to hang around him. So he moved to going online where he stayed on for hours and hours of his life doing this and that. He liked being alone, not careing wether other kids liked him for why would he care? He was smarter than your average kid, he had straight A's in every class, he had a great family and he was loved alot by them. At the age of 12 he became a skilled hacker, hackign into goverment sites and other illegal things one day he was caught, trialed and sent to Juvy. From his days there he was picked on even more and not having anythign to keep him from feeling bad he slowly broke changing from his former self a bit he was no longer lovey dovey to his family when he returned. They never saw him for he would lock himself away in his room for days apon months only coming out to use the restroom or eat. He continued to study but never went to school, his mother was kind enough not to force him to go but she was still worried about him. One day he finally came out he was more skinny than he had ever been and there were bags under his eyes that were easy to spot he just stood there for awhile stareing at them with blank eeys before walking back into his room. Years passed and many different things happened he went back to school, the pokerus virus spread to his sister making her become a pokemorph his mother had passed away due to a heartattack and he had finally gotten back to being more active. Since he was 19 and able to take care of both his sister and himself he stayed at the house where he got a job as a computer technician. He and his sister grew closer ever since their mother's death they never left each others sides. Alek grew jealous of his sister for she had gotten the pokemorph adn abilities and he didn't but that didn't bother him much for it was of little importance of his. One day whilst looking through his dad's old pc at the pokecenter he found three pokemon Numi, Surge And Cry he decided to take them for his self for he hadn't gotten a pokemon yet but his sister had gotten their mothers pokemon. He grew a bond with the trio but it took quite a while before it grew with strength, at the age of 20 he still had his old habits of staying on the computer but also he traiend with his sister also.

RP Sample:
Alek stared into his computer screen typing with blinding speed that could hardly be seen by anyone without good eyesight. He than slid his chair over to another computer and began typing away on that one. He was working on a project for a school in town further away from him but not to far like a mile or two. He was making this slide show for the kids at the school who needed some help with their math. He had offered to be the one to help for he was happy to do it for he loved teaching new minds.

As he continued to type away on his work he noticed he had gotten a few reply's on his chat so he slid back over to a third computer and began typing away on that one. After a while he went back to the first computer and began typing keeping the same process for a while before he was finally done. He inserted a data collector he made himself into the computer, after all the data was collected he tossed it into his bag and headed off to the school.

when he finally got to the school he rushed to the classroom hopeing he wasn't late he stopped at the door and knocked. When no answer came he knocked again before finally he heard some shushing and was met with a teacher at the door. "Hello Alek so glad you could be here." she said before she motioned for him to come inside in which he did he than began to put all the data into the computer before he looked back at the class. He just nodded to them and pointed to the screen in which a number of mathmatic equations appeared on the screen and the lesson began.

After the day was over he silently walked back to his home gazing at the stars as he did. He loved it when he could just be by himself when he got home he was met with a hug by his sister he told her where he had been and everything that had happened before he plopped down on his couch and stared at the roof. His sister came in with a plate of food she had made for him once he arrived back at home. He devoured it in mere second before burping loudly.

He than clicked on the tv adn silently began to watch it with alot of intrest a if his life depended on it. He switched it to the news where he heard the latest story of about how a riot had broken out in Apexia soem where but it was the least of his worries. His sister sat down next to him adn hugegd up against him, falling asleep on his shoulder. He turned off the tv and layed his head against her's. He himself fell asleep later that night silently sleeping against his sister a smile on his face for he was happy to have her as a sister.

Alek later awoke the morning with a long tired yawn he scratched his head before movign to the kitchen inwhich he decided to make soem breakfast for both him and his sister. When she finally awoke he had already gotten the plates on the table and food set around. It was a very equal amount of meat, vegetables, fruits, grains and a bit of sweets for his sister. when they had both eaten enough he took the plates away and tossed them into the sink. he walekd back over to his sister and smiled brightly "so i guess i will be seeing you off to your game?" his sister nodded and they both embraced in a long hug. "I promise i will be there okay?" she nodded again before rushing out of the door leaving Alek waving at her from behind "Good luck!!" he yeleld out to her.

He then headed upstair and began to do his normal daily activities checking his site makeing sure everythign was alright, playing a few games before he decided to go and watch tv. This time he began to watch a tv show about this world with a trainer named Ash adn his companions travling around the regions of the world. He sighed and laughed how there was no pokemorphs in the show what so ever must have been a pokemorph hater who made it. He than checked his clock to make sure what time it is when he saw it was almost tiem for his sisters game he rushed off hurrying to it with great speed.

When he finally got there he fell to the floor panting for soem breath before he stood up to see wether or not the game had started. It had just began and his sister was kicking the ball to the goal, he cheered on but silently for he didn't want to have much attention. He jumped up into the air when his sister scored the goal (soccer) and than silently watched as the game continued. It was a even match and the game was almsot over after a while it was his sisters team's ball again his siter had the ball and she was rushing to the goal before she kicked it off to another soccer player on her team and that teammate kicked it.....and they made a GOAL! Everyone cheered loudly even Alek did not careing wether or not he was noticed. After the coaches sent everyone off he walekd over to his sister and gave her a big hug "Good job" he said with a smile "guess you deserve not to walk home." he than crouched down "hop on sis" when she had gotten on and he was sure she was on he raced home.


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Alek Rareo
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