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 Vida Rareo

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PostSubject: Vida Rareo   Vida Rareo Icon_minitimeSun Dec 15, 2013 2:22 pm

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Basic Character Information:

Name: Vida Rareo
Alias / Nickname: Vi
Age:  18
Gender: Female
Race: Pokemorph

Appearance: Vida have long sky blue hair with scarlet red stripes running through it. Her eyes are a deep scarlet blue that can be either threatening or beautiful. Her incisors are sharper than the normal humans incisors casue of her morphing into a pokemon. She wears a tight red and blue one suit with a scale like pattern over her cleavage. She wears blue gloves adn boots that are both blue with buckles on the end of them. She also has the tail of a salamence along with the ears and wings.

Personality: Vida is very mischievous, and mysterious at times but that is hardly ever for she likes to be very social and talk to everyone. She likes to play pranks adn tricks on unsuspecting humans and pokemorphs. She likes sweets but also likes sour treats, likes sour apple popsicles or cookies depending on her mood. She is kind all the times to people she likes but still will play pranks on them for it's fun to her. She has some anger issues but she can often control herself but if you say anything mean about her brother she gets angry.

She doesn't like how people hate pokemorphs for she thinks that they were humans aswell before the poke rus took affect. She is escpecially kidn to her brother hardly ever leaving his side but sometiems she has to. She loves flying and remembers when she was young how she used to dream of flying. She is very active when it comes to sports and she has great sports manship never cheating or getting angry when looseing. She sometimes can get shy but that is only to people/pokemorphs she really likes other than that no way.

- Find Someone To Love
- Become The Greatest Athlete Ever

Trainer Information:

Trainer Rank: Rank 7
Trainer Type: Elite Trainer




Pokemon/Pokemorph Information:

Type: Human=Pokemon
Species: Salamence
Abilities: Intimidate
Type(s): Dragon/Flying
Battle Rank: Rank 7
Strength: 8
Defense: 7
Spec. Attack: 7
Spec. Defense: 7
Speed: 7
Level-up Moves:
Nation: Apexia
Alliances: Netural
Education: She has a high school diploma but dropped out of 9th grade for her brother than went back later on to finish it.

History and it's Gifts:

- Skilled Athlete
- Great At Cooking
- Know every Pressure Point In The Human And Pokemon Body
- Looseing Her Brother
- Her Brother
- Anger Issues
Vida was born and raised in a small hosue with her brother Alek and her single mother that was widowed when their fatehr died in war. She was way different from her brother for not only was she more athletic but she also got a starter pokemon unlike him. This starter was a small axew that she called Ace they grew a quick bond and instantly grew close. She was always the popular kid in her school which she liked but also hated for her brother would always be bullied and he began to become antisocial. She was super jealous of her brother for he was so smart and she was so dumb she would always study but still wouldn't do well. She loved her brother and mother to death never wanting to part with them than her brother. Than the day came when her brother was sent to Juvy for hacking into sites he wasn't supposed to be on. She and her mother were devastated when he finally came back a few days later she ran up to him crying and hugged him, but he seemed to not even notice that she was there. He just simply pushed her away and walked up to his room and locked himself inside it not comeing out all day. He started never to even speak to them he would lock himself in that room of his with only computers they would never see him and he would only come out for food which made Vida sadder than when he was gone. She than dropped out of school for she wanted to be by her brother all the time no matter what cause she knew he needed her. The drop out didn't really affect her alot but she still was sad for she didn't get to continue to play sports. Than came the day she became a pokemorph it all happened in her sleep she woke to fidn she had a tail and wings she started to freak out in which her mother rushed into her room and checked on her. Years past and alot happened her mother died of a heart problem, her brother started to come out of his room more to take care of her and they grew closer. She later went back to school to finish highschool when she did she was so happy and so was her brother he was kinda like a parent to her ever since mom died but she didn't mind at all. She later on went back to playing sports and joined a fairly popular soccer team that allowed both pokemorphs and humans alike except it had a few acception. Her brother would coem to every single game of hers always cheering her on never giving up on her and even when she did loose he would take her some where special to make her happy. Though he still went up to his computers alot she was just glad he spent time with her and loved every second with him. When he got a job as a substitute teacher at school she kinda would get sad for he would coem hoem really late but still she got to see him.

RP Sample:
Vida awake with a start for she heard a noise downstairs she was worried so she silently slid out of bed and walked down the stairs. When she reached the end of the stairs she looked out to see a shadow she silently creeped to the kitchen a bead of sweat on her face when she reached the kitchen she found it was only her brother Alek. She sighed than yelled at him for he was drinking out of the milk carton apparently she startled him for he dropped the milk on the floor spilling it. "Hey!!!" she yelled loudly at him "Clean it up now!" Alek sighed and went to cleanign up the milk on the floor as she took a seat on the kitchen tower watching him. "You scared me half to death you know that right?" her brother sighed and looked up to her "I'm sorry..."

Vida sighed aswell "Don't be. But if i ever catch you drinking out of the milk carton again i will have to eat your soul got it?" Alek laughed at this comment and than Vida started to laugh at it aswell. When Alek had cleaned up all the milk she walked up the stairs with him saying their good nights before heading back to there beds. When Vida began to sleep she dreamt of beign a world renound athlete her name beign cheered by everyone as she walked out into the stadium waveing at everyone. She than awoke rubbign her eyes the rays of the sun beamign down on ehr face from her bedroom window. She got up and let out a loud yawn befoe stretching and walking out of her bedroom and down the stairs. Turned out it was her brother who was awake first and he was making her a breakfast and her favorite too, she sat down as she ate the meal with her brother when she was finished she helped him with the dishes than went off to watch tv.

She turned on the tv and began to watch some football her brother had headed upstairs to do his daily computer time. She silently watched intill her team got a goal than she got up and yelled loudly. She than sat back down adn continued to watch screamign everytiem the team got a goal when the game was over she turned off the tv and headed outside for a flight. She took of the instant she was outside when she got high in the sky she smiled as the cool wind rushed against her body. She than laughed remembering the tiem she had tried to get her brother to have the same experince he had screamed the whole time she had him in the sky which was only a minute but the loudest minute of her life. She moved next to a flock of sparrows flying in sink with them before making a u-turn and going back to her house. It was almost dark when she got back to her house her brother was waiting at the door for her when she landed he started to blab about how she should have told him she was going out she jsut simply walked inside.

Alek and Herself than sat down on the couch and began to watch tv together she laid her head against him as they watched the tv. She began to laugh for they were watchign a comedy show when that show was over they watched a action move all the while Vida puncehd the air pretendign to be in the movie. When the movie was finally over Alek was asleep Vida siently walekd out of the livign room and to the kitchen were she fixed herself the last remaining cup of milk and made a note to herrself to go shopping. She than drank her milk and tossed it in the sink before walking up the stairs moving to her room and falling asleep. Again having the same dream of beign a famouse athlete but not only that but she dreamt of finding someone to other than her brother that would care for her and love her. She than smiled in her sleep she loved dreams liek those.


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PostSubject: Re: Vida Rareo   Vida Rareo Icon_minitimeSun Dec 15, 2013 6:33 pm


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Vida Rareo
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