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 Pokemon Rules.

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Pokemon Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Pokemon Rules.   Pokemon Rules. Icon_minitimeSun Nov 17, 2013 1:05 am

It learned an Attack!

Pokemon automatically learn any move that their current or earlier evolutions can learn. This means that if your pokemon hits rank 6, then it can learn all moves that it naturaly learns as it levels up in the games, that fit into that rank. You can RP out them learning them if you prefer. In addition, if a pokemon, like mismagius, gets only 4 or so moves that it can learn by levelings, it can also learn any moves that it's earlier form, Misdreavious, learns as it levels up. TM and Egg moves are won as a prize or learned by simply getting Pokerus. (A reward for activity, etc.)

All pokemon know all their level-up moves that they have the rank to use. This is automatic. In addition, they learn any moves their lower forms are capable of learning via level. As such, a ninetails may claim fire blast or will-o-wisp as a level-up move if they are high enough rank to actually use them. Free.

Choosing A Starter

Everyone who opts into a trainer of some kind is able to choose their own 3 stage pokemon. Mega-evolutions do not count against this, thus a ghastly or torchic can be chosen. In short, if it can evolve at least 2 times, you can probably start with it!

Pokemon are Getting Smart!

The altered pokerus disease that caused all this has also caused some pokemon to get smarter, as smart as a human! Some grew bigger to accommodate these changes. Ninjask obviously could not support a larger brain on their older body, and got bigger. Pichu where shown to increase. [b](Size change is optional, pokemon is not logical, a ninjask does not have to get bigger, but you may make it a little bigger.) These pokemon are neither common nor rare. There are only as many of these pokemon as there are people who make pokemon characters. And these pokemon are the strongest in the world, some of the only pokemon to be able to reach rank 8.

Look! A Shiny Pokemon!

Shiny pokemon are not at all unique. In fact, they are very common. Why? Here at PokeRev, we don't buy that all pokemon are so inbred that they look exactly the same as every other one of that species. As a result, if you want a Grottle with orange leaves, then go ahead, that's a realistic color for leaves to be. If your magicarp has a red stripe down the middle, that is fine by us! Does your Steelix have an odd brownish color to it's silver, and is it a little bigger than normal? Fine by us! Just note that alterations like these have no bearing on stats, whatsoever. And they must be realistic. A giant pikachu? Not likely. Remember, these are approved with your character or your capture, so a mod will be in charge of what gets approved and what doesn't.

Catching A Pokemon

So, if you are here you want to now how catching pokemon works in this forum. Is this right? Well it is very simple on this site. You simply create a topic, and roleplay catching the pokemon in that topic. Some consider it best to have another member roleplay the pokemon, so that you are sure they get a fair fight, and the mods approve the capture. Also, mods get to set the battle rank of the pokemon captured. So the more you impress the mods, the better mood it might put a mod in. In addition, it is really important that the pokemon be reasonable, considering the area you are in. You are not going to be role-playing on the beaches of the Peac Sea, and find a fire pokemon. Nor will you likely encounter rock types there. Many forums give examples of what types are there. And you are probably not going to find water pokemon or bird pokemon in the Thunder Plains, as they are weak to electricity. Also, beware the problem some have of finding rare pokemon one after another. You really don't need to be finding

It's Evolving!

Yep, pokemon evolve. Here, this is not at a set level, but at a rank. A rank 2 pokemon will only evolve if it is a weedle or some such, that evolves very early. A rank 2 pokemon will only evolve if it's a metapod or something else that evolves very fast.. In general, check the rank chart, and if in doubt, as a staff member! When they evolve, they get no immediate stat boosts. But their type, movepool, and stat potential can change. An example of the last, is simple. A metapod has no potencial to gain in the speed stat. But a butterfree can really  reach the upper limits in speed. A butterfree also can't get super high levels in strength/attack. Their bodies just are not strong enough to muster a lot of physical force. Also, a pokemon does not need to evolve. A metapod can be rank 8, and then evolve. As long as you meet the rank or requirements to evolve, you can.

Evolving by Trading: Here, no pokemon needs to be traded. It is considered a late evolving pokemon to evolve at that point. Pokemon who require hapiness are considered to evolve at the same time as basic 3 stage pokemon lile bulbasaur. Late evolving pokemon are like Salamence, or Hydreigon, or Haxorous.

I am Evolving?!?!

Pokemorphs may evolve as well. Use the same information as with normal pokemon.
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Pokemon Rules.
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