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 Pokerus + / - Forum Justice, IC style

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Pokerus  + / - Forum Justice, IC style Empty
PostSubject: Pokerus + / - Forum Justice, IC style   Pokerus  + / - Forum Justice, IC style Icon_minitimeMon Nov 04, 2013 10:06 am

Recently, since the rise of the poke-morphs, the formerly beneficial disease known as Pokerus, has mutated, causing a second, harmful version. While normally rare, both versions are becoming more and more and more common, even to the point that humans are effected by the pokerus. These two separate, yet similar diseases, Pokerus + for the normal, helpfull sickness, and - for the new harmful one, have begun to attract attention. They are known to cause great problems, causing humans to become sick, even to the point of death or permanent side effects. It is unknown just how the disease goes from one being to another, but pokerus - has begun to garner fear wherever it turns up.

This is our forum of In Character disipline. If you can't hold to the rules IC, and can't go without god modding, meta gaming, and other actions that break rules, you or your pokemon may contract Pokerus - and that can cause some bad temporary symptoms, or permanent ones. Worse yet, this disease has an incubation period that changes with each person, and no systems during the incubation, and they may suddenly pop up,  the symptoms mounting startlingly fast considering a victim felt fine before. What does this mean? You can be effected even in the middle of a topic, or in the middle of a fight, but a sudden bloom of the pokerus, causing terrible symptoms.

As the other guides are created, this will be expanded upon. But the idea is so far that if you can't obey rp rules and ignore staff warnings, pokemorphs may temporarily or permanently loose any abilities the morphs grant them. Pokemon a trainer has may also be inflicted, causing weakness and a variety of problems, to the point of death.

But, there is still the positive version running around. Win an event, or do something great and the staff feels a reward is needed, and you might find your pokemon gets double exp on their next submission, or other positive things.
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Pokerus + / - Forum Justice, IC style
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