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 Charlotte Ever (Done)

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Charlotte Ever

Charlotte Ever

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PostSubject: Charlotte Ever (Done)   Charlotte Ever (Done) Icon_minitimeMon Dec 02, 2013 7:23 pm

Charlotte Ever (Done) Uryuu.Minene.full.999871

Basic Character Information:

Name: Charlotte Ever
Alias / Nickname: Charles
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: human

Appearance: Unlike her fashion loving sister, Charlotte doesn't care for fashion or anything girly. Her finger nails are plain, her hair is always ungroomed and her clothing is simply old and worn out. She has a rough face with a couple of small scars staining her forehead and left cheek. Going along with her scars is her black as night eye patch which covers the vacant area where her right eye used to be. Like most of her style, Charlotte's teeth are quite unique with its sharp shark like appearance. Clothing wise, nothing special is going all. All she wears is a black sleeveless turtle neck which is loose around her neck, dark puke green cargo pants that reach her ankles and black combat boots. Her hair is nothing special as well, only being straight purple hair which reaches the middle of her back. Its almost always either let down loosely or put up in a high pony tail which allows her to do more tasks.

She has tan sun kissed skin which always seem to glow a bit and shining purple eyes that are always filled with pride and joy. Like males when they're 10, Charlotte has a good amount of scratches and scabs  on her legs; mostly on the knees. Most consider her appearance tomboyish, but Charlotte consider her appearance normal. She doesn't care to take the time to do anything not needed,  like make up for example. Though, she somehow haves a sparkling smile which always has a sparkle. This is probably her best feature.

Unlike most girls, Charlotte is happy to be fighting. She's passionate for the cause of the humans, so she gladly chooses battling and war over make up and shopping. In her eyes, the poke morphs deserve nothing but pain and suffering; the same suffering that she felt growing up. Some call her brave and ruthless, others who know her call her weak and pathetic; covering up her wound with her war loving smile. It's a wonder if she will ever have a normal life; most likely the answer is no. Charlotte doesn't care for that though. For some reason she doesn't seem to love anything but pokemon, guns, and war, even her family doesn't to compare to those things. This confuses her a lot, making her wonder if this is exactly normal for someone. Most of the time she just shakes it off, but it always seem to haunt her like some kind of ghost whom never seems to leave .


Charlotte is a confusing fellow who likes many things, yet hates  them at the same time. There are a few things she solidly likes though; pokemon for one thing. The idea of poke morphs covered her love with pure anger for the pokemon species for a while in the past, but after she spotted her wrongs everything changed. In fact her love grew stronger for pokemon. The only thing that compares to this love of hers is family and guns. These two things are similar to her as well, guns giving her a protected feeling just like how family makes her feel safe. Though, family seems to fall short behind for pokemon and guns, in fact Charlotte would probably give up her life for her pokemon 10 times faster than she would for her parents, mostly because she blames them for her sister's transformation.

Like stated before, Charlotte  likes many things, but hates them at the same time. Unlike her list of things she purely likes, there is merely one thing on her list of things she purely hates, that one thing being poke morphs. Most only hate these creatures for pathetic reasons. Not Charlotte. Her heart burns for hatred against these things for they took something extremely important to her; her sister. She knows not all of them are bad, but she still cant stand them. They're the reason she wanted to join the military, they're the reason why she curses upon god . Her heart longs for the future that hopefully contains only humans and pokemon.

Goals: Charlotte has only two goals in life; goals that must be completed for her to fulfill her life goal. One being to take revenge on the person who took her beloved sister away from her and the second being to take kill off any poke morph who dares to walk on this planet.

Trainer Information:

Trainer Rank: Adept
Trainer Type: Military Trainers
Pokemon: Spheal, Houndoom


Pokemon/Pokemorph Information:

Nation:  Rathia
Alliances: Anti-Pokemorph
While going to high school, Charlotte was taught how to battle by her father who is in the military as well. Luckily Charlotte was smart enough to go through school while learning from her father and was even able to graduate high school a year earlier.

History and it's Gifts:

Charlotte is best when it comes to combat. She’s the best at fighting to the limit, pushing herself until she can’t move anymore. Her father wouldn’t let   her eat dinner until she finished her tasked when she was young, so that taught her to never come back till a mission is done. To add on to this Charlotte also can take command easily, knowing how to direct people as a leader. Once when she was 14, she directed a group of wild pokemon and was able to save a child from a burning building. Her parents were always proud of her skills, which was hard to do since her parents always had high standers.

Charlotte is a girl with just as many weaknesses as strengths. One of her weaknesses is the fact that she sometimes doesn't know when to just move on. She always seems to dwell in the past which she forgets is unchangeable at times. This always is a fear of her; not being able to change her gloomy fate that she foresees. What if she ends up failing? This question seems to always haunt her wherever she goes, acting as a ghost.

History: As a child, Charlotte grew up in a middle class family. Most who lived in her neighborhood wished to be one of the children who was raised by the rich, but Charlotte wasn’t like them; she liked her family and wouldn’t change her family for anything. Of course she got in fights with her older sister at times, but she still loved her and her parents with all her heart. The two of them would do almost everything together. They would play with their pokemon in the garden, eat lunch under big oak tree in the woods, and they ALWAYS went to the pond nearby their home on Sundays. Once her sister, Melissa, turned 10, their father began to teach the two girls how to train for the army. Though, after months of work, the family discovered that Melissa wasn’t cut out for the job of a military woman, but Charlotte was a whole different story.  Charlotte was amazing at everything her father taught her, landing her in the perfect child section in her dad’s eyes. Despite this, Melissa was able to become her mother’s favorite and before the two knew it, the two sisters began to take different paths.

As the two went different paths they still seemed to stay close by continuing their usual Sunday swim in the pond. They would still continue to laugh together, share secrets and hang out like sisters do. Sadly everything seemed to changed without any warning when Melissa got ill. Charlotte was devastated, she even gave up everything to stay by her sister’s side all day. Luckily the cure was given out soon enough, so Melissa was able to revive from her sickness. Charlotte was overwhelmed by joy once her sister was cured; she even put together a parade and everything, though things seemed to take a change for the worst once again when Melissa turned in to a pokemorph of an absol.  

Because of this, the city threw Melissa out and banned her from returning which crushed Charlotte once again. She lost her light; everything she loved about living in her house. Of course her parents were as depress as well, her dad even became harder on Charlotte when it came to training. He yelled more; he gave more commands, and even began to beat down on Charlotte.  The poor girl began to felt more and more pain by each passing day, especially since she lost her sister.  She even began to curse god for this life she had, a life full of everlasting pain. Unlike everyone else, she has to live with the fact that the pokemorphs took her sister away, the fact her parents let it happen and the fact she can do nothing to change her  past. Because of all of these things, Charlotte swore to take her revenge on all the pokemoprhs and to become a better solider than her father who she now hated with all her heart.  So, once she graduated high school the girl began her journey into the cruel unforgiving world, wanting to look for closure.

RP Sample:
Why? Why couldn't she get this right?! For the 20th time, Charlotte practiced her routine on a tree, feeling the beads of sweat rolling down her forehead. Sadly she seemed to fail once more as she messed up on punch 4 which ruined the rest of the routine. "Goddammit!" She screamed out in frustration, falling to her knees as her eyelids squeezed close. "Melissa...how would you deal with something like this..." Those words seemed to always leave her lips, especially during her hardships. Though, it seemed like tears would still never leave her eyes not matter how depress she felt. Angered by herself, the young woman ran her small hand through her messy hair, brushing it the best she could. Her brain was racked by the memories of her sister, whom she loved so much. Before she could think about anything else, spheal popped out of her pokeball and snuggled next to the depressed girl, hoping to make her feel better. "Thanks sphealer..." Charlotte whispered to her pokemon with a small smile, making him feel a bit better about his work. "At least I have you..."
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PostSubject: Re: Charlotte Ever (Done)   Charlotte Ever (Done) Icon_minitimeMon Dec 02, 2013 11:14 pm

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Charlotte Ever (Done)
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