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 Has the Criminal finally met his match?

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Paz The Black Yin

Paz The Black Yin

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PostSubject: Has the Criminal finally met his match?   Sat Nov 30, 2013 6:54 pm

Jewel mountain,the landform haboring Gemis,the capital city of Rathia.Filled with abundance of crystals and gems,one can easily make a living of them.Perhaps,when all of this is over,I can export these for a profit.Oh yes,a wonderful idea.

Thought Paz as he sat on one of the slopes.It has been weeks since his encounter with Jessie,and now he has encountered the police atleast six times in-total.He obviously told them,but he held no grudge."Who could blame him?"Paz thought to himself,sighing.Kyuubi,his mutant nine-tails,lay next to him,his eyes closed,attempting to sleep.Ichibi was busy clawing at the soil.Perhaps a little pokemon scurried in there and he grew curious.Who knows?Ai,his little cubone,lay in his lap,sound asleep.It must've been two in the morning,but Paz has yet to sleep,or move.Oh yes,he has been sitting in that same spot for three days,not moving,not blinking,while his pokemon did what they had to do.

He would not go into the city,the police would most likely know his presence if he did.Luckily,his crime has not made it to the public view,atleast,not yet.He sat their,his eyes straight,his expression emotionless and unreadable.His cloak was off,folded neatly to the left of him.His body was littered with scars while the metal nubs were in neat patterns.He had two large ones on his shoulders,three running across his collar bone,three on the underside of each arm, and six aligned in two rows on his abdomen.

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Has the Criminal finally met his match?
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