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 Sableye the Scholar

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PostSubject: Sableye the Scholar   Thu Nov 28, 2013 12:31 am

Basic Character Information:

Name: Sableye
Alias / Nickname: N/A
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Pokemon


Sableye is fairly different compared to others of his species. Firstly, he is 2 feet 6 inches tall, a solid size increase from the normal 1 foot 8 inches. Sableye is a darker purple than normal as well. His eyes are naught but large and very bright sky blue crystals, cut in an intricate manner. They seem to glow, though this is perhaps from his diet of nearly entirely the glowing crystals on Jewel Mountain thus far in his life. As a result all the crystals set in his body seem to glow. Sableye also has unusual dark markings around his gens, the purple turned black around the gems. This only further heightens their color and glowing by comparison. Sableye also has a mouth full of very sharp teeth, used to crunch and devour rocks and the hardest of gemstones. His hands are sharp claws, capable of digging through rock in order to find the most delicious gems and rocks to eat.

Personality: Sableye is very odd considering he is a pokemon. He was just a normal pokemon, living in his cave, finding and eating rocks and gems, before the pokerus hit. But afterwards he started becoming smarter. He grew in size a bit, and got smarter. Now, Sableye is one of the smartest of the pokemon he knows. He fancied himself a pokemon scholar, and wants to travel the world outside the normal caves Sableye inhabit. Why should he be confided there. He could find rocks and gems to eat anywhere!

Sableye is starting to pick up human speech, learning mostly from little child and baby books he could find. Thus his english stinks compared to a human. Sableye is very intelligent, and wants to focus on more scholarly affairs than battle, but doesn't fear getting his hands dirty. Despite having grown up in the dark of a cave in Jewel Mountain, he isn't a dark and broody sort, but fairly friendly. But you must beware, for, being a ghost pokemon, he has a mischievous side, and is known to play pranks on occasion.

One might say he wold have a lot of sympathy and compassion for his fellow pokemon. And he does, but he considers many closer to beats operating on instinct. He recognizes he came from that, and thus loathes it all the more. Ideally he hops to find a way to spread the pokerus that is giving sentience to some pokemon, and give all pokemon this pokerus, thus ending their slavvery to both their instincts and their trainers if need be.

Goals: Sableye wants to find a way to spread the pokers that has made him intelligent and freed him from his mental bondage to his raw instincts, and spread it, giving all pokemon the ability to think and reason as he does.

Pokemon Information:

Type: Pokemon
Species: Sableye
Abilities: Keen eye, Stall, Prankster
Type(s): Ghost / Dark
Battle Rank: 2
Strength: 2
Defense: 2
Spec. Attack: 2
Spec. Defense: 2
Speed: 3
Level-up Moves:

Level-Up Moves:

Nation: Rathia
Alliances: What does a pokemon care for a human (mostly) war?
Education: Sableye is well versed in finding his way in the dark, and has a strong education around surviving in caves and the night. he knows where to find the best rocks and gems. In short, if it revolves around being a ghost or dark pokemon, he is well educated in such matters.

History and it's Gifts:

Skills/Talents: Sableye is learning to speak. He has had to laern thus far from some small child and baby word books he could find. Thus far his language is very poor and consisys often of single words, but sometimes small sentences. His grammar is poor as is his pronunciation without any help.

Weaknesses/Faults/fears: Sableye is accustomed to being by himself, and thus far is fairly shy. He has no actual hman encounters, and has yet to even see one up close, or even at moderate range. As a result, he knows little of human culture, excepting what he has found out from other pokemon, involving how they catch his kind and use them to fight in some kind of forced slavery to fight one another.


Sableye has spent his entire life on Jewel Mountain. Much of it was just being a pokemon. The vast majority of it, he was the same as every other of his kind, albiet differently colored by a little. He spent his time playing around inside caves, and digging for the best tasting rocks and gems. As a result, much of his body has crystals protruding from it from his diet. He battled only rarely, and Jewel Mountain is increadably rich in tasty jewels to eat, and as a result, competition for food there is very low, and  hardly any digging is required, as often they just poke out of the cave walls. As a result even before gaining intelligence he lived a healthy and rather non combative life compared to the sableye in some other caves and areas of the world.

One day, seemingly out of the blue, he began to get sick. However it wasn't in a bad way, it was like he was slowly waking up out of a hazy semi-sleeping existence. His mind accelerated as his body grew a bit to keep his proportion with his growing head. He began to see the word as it was, not just his cave, spending time eating and running around in the pitch black of the caves. As his intelligence grew, he left the caves by night, gathering things that caught his attention, and bringing them back to a smaller cave near the city. Baby books and newspapers. And that was when he began to teach himself the odd freaky language he had only seen from afar spoken by the pale giants that walked around. However he soon found himself unable to really laern more without a teacher. But no other pokemon in his area even knew a single word, let alone enough to teach him.  As a result, Sableye began getting information from other pokemon. He watched the giants force pokemon into slavery, from whence they were forced into competitions and to hurt one another, all for the amusement of the humans and some silly little thing called a 'badge.' He managed to glean that humans had odd and funny attractions to such small shiny things, and so now Sableye sets out on his journey. First Stop? Find some tiny shiny things with colors and patterna and use them for bartering.

RP Sample: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Sableye the Scholar   Thu Nov 28, 2013 3:15 am


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Sableye the Scholar
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