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 Blackbeard AKA Edward Teach II

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PostSubject: Blackbeard AKA Edward Teach II   Blackbeard AKA Edward Teach II Icon_minitimeWed Nov 27, 2013 2:44 am

Blackbeard AKA Edward Teach II Marshall_D._Teach_Anime_Pre_Timeskip_Infobox

Basic Character Information:

Name: Edward Teach II
Alias / Nickname: (More commonly known as) Blackbeard,Blackbeard the 2nd,Newbeard
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Appearance:Blackbeard is a middle-aged looking man with a massive build.He is 11'2 tall due to having suffered from Gigantism as a child.He has a very round body,yet his muscles are visible.He has hairy arms,legs,and chest.He has big mouth with several missing teeth(currently four).A pronounced crooked nose.He has large,black,scruffy hair that reaches down to the back of his neck.He sports a cyan bandana under a black pirate hat.He wears his trademark black and gold captain's coat (he never wears it properly).He bares two necklaces of red and gold and blue beads,most likely gems of somesort.He wears two pearl bracelets,one on each wrist.He wears a open buttoned red shirt and green trousers with black line patterns on them.
He wears rings containing gem stones on all his fingers on both of his hands.He has a black,scruffy beard (hence his ephet) on his jawline.Along his waist is a long,tied yellow sash.Three flintlock pistols and a bottle of rum are visible from the sash.These pistols are fully functional and have ten metal pellets in them each.These pellets can easily leave painful sores on the impact area,but are unable to penetrate skin.He sports black,old fashion shoes that are surprisingly shiny.

Personality: Blackbeard's personality seems to be a strange mix of courage and cowardice; strategy, and stupidity. While at times his character looks strong and fearsome, in others he will seem weak and ridiculous. He is apparently very deceptive, joining Team Rocket at one point in an elaborate and convoluted fashion for the sole reason of gaining access to its vast information in order to find new crew mates and later resigning from it in front of the leader himself saying that he does not need it anymore. He is also exceedingly power-hungry and greedy, aiming to become the next most feared pirate.Despite his obvious malevolent nature, he is also genuinely compassionate, caring, sympathetic and empathetic towards his crew's well-being and is willing to take assaults intended for his crew. He also has an extreme thirst for adventure, regularly traveling from place to place. However, he tends to let fate decide things.He also takes comradeship in his crew to a high level.
He is a strong believer in fate and dreams, takeing it to heart.Perhaps because of his strong belief in fate, Blackbeard is highly amoral. He believes that there is no inherent "good" nor "evil" in the world. He is also patient and conniving, having spent decades Team Rocket just to get his hands on the information he wanted, before openly leaving the organization as if it was the norm.Blackbeard is often very calm, composed, relaxed, easygoing, cheerful, and free-spirited, but he can be surprised and startled.
He is also overconfident, and while very powerful, tends to converse and/or taunt his opponents in the middle of battle. He has done this in every battle he has been in, and as a result, he always suffers a heavy, painful attack while his guard is down. He has developed a severe superiority complex, believing himself to be truly invincible and the strongest of them all.He does have a sense of caution despite his arrogance.He is also known to be politely sarcastic.

Goals: He dreams of becoming the most feared pirate of this era,bring forth another pirate era,and ultimately,become a Pirate Lord.

Trainer Information:

Trainer Rank: Elite
Trainer Type: Pirate
Pokemon: (List all the pokemon you have / Starter Pokemon if this character is new. Each will be listed in sspoiler, an example will be below.)


Nation: Spira
Alliances: Pirates(For the most part)
Education: Dropped out of college to become a pirate.He was exceeding in Mechanics and Engineering at the time.His intelligence goes as-far as to biology and to certain people.,however,due to being in Team Rocket for a time.

History and it's Gifts:

Skills/Talents: Teach is a skilled haggler,able to get his crew's needs at a very low price.He has immense physical strenght,being able to lift 188 pounds at the most (weight of a Blastoise).Has some skill in engineering,being able to repair and enhance his guns multiple times while also being able to easyly repair his ship.He also has a high tolerance to pain,having once accidentally smashed his index finger with a hammer and actually didn't notice until he looked.

Weaknesses/Faults/fears: Given his belief in fate,he tends not to learn from his mistakes the first time they're given.He also tends to underestimate and taunt his opponents,almost costing his life each time.Him noticing any pain is actually a disadvantage,since,he is unable to pinpoint where he has gotten a fatal injury,that is,if he even notices.Ironically,despite being a pirate,he is unable to swim.

History: Edward was born in Spira in the Fire Swamp.His mother was a common housewife while his father was a jolly drunk.The Teach family is desended from the famous Edward Teach,also known as,Blackbeard.Now Edward(our Edward) was a shy child ,even at a young age.His mother taught him basic reading and writing before he went public school,thus he had a head start.His father,however,was a drunkard,but not neccasrily a bad man.Oh no,far from it.His father was a kind,care-free,and as jolly as one could be.He had many friends in and out the city.He,and his friends,would often tell Edward stories of his ancestry,espically Blackbeard and how feared he was.Edward soon found out that most of what those alchol smelling voices have said were true.
Edward took it the wrong way,however,and felt indecent to be of such foul blood.Though a drunk with little common sense,his father comforted him along with his mother,soothing his thoughts of his bloodline.Being a swampy area,naturally Edward and his father would often go fishing.They never caught anything besides seaweed or a old boot,literally.One day,Edward actually caught something.He and his father reeled it in,revealing a Tentacool.Fearing that if might poison them,they threw him back.Edward,however,secretly nutured the poor creature.As time passed,Edward was often mocked in middle school for his tall height,due to gigantism.He would often hide behind the trees and cry,hopeing for the other kids to leave him alone.
It was during this time that he was begining to like the pirate ideal of life.No one disrespected you,you got what you wanted when you wanted it,untold riches,fair maidens.This was sounding very appealing to the young Edward.Not long afterward,his father passed the family jewels to Edward,said 'jewels' being Blackbeard's very guns themselves.He gleefully accepted them and began modifiying them to use in combat once more.He begam embracing his heritage with pride.At age 14,Edward drank his first shot of rum.He then drank a whole bottle of liqour five minutes later.His father gave him his now trademark bandana.

Soon,he was sent to the doctors to have his gigantism treated.Though still tall,he had newfound confidence.When the other children began mocking him for his size,he gave them a piece of his mind,but mostly,the bottom of his foot.At age 17,his father died due to a riot at the bar he goes to,leaving his son his treasure that he aquired over the course of his life.Pearl bracelets,rings filled with pricelss gems,necklaces,etc.Despite his rowdy nature,he went to college and majored in engineering.He was at the top of his class and he knew it.At home,his mother grew weak with age and was soon bedridden.Edward soon began digging throughout all their belongings,trying to see if he could find something useful.He then saw it.Blackbeard's captain coat.He was easily amazed and sowed the coat bigger for his size.

Right on his final year of college,he dropped out,and became a full-fledged pirate.His mother knew this and scowled him for his choice.He ignored her and went onto buying a ship using money from oddjobs he has done and began gaining crewmates.Given his mother's sick natured,he installed a extra room into his ship,right next to the captian's quarters,just for her.It was during this time he aquired a pokeball through gambling.He instantly went to his Tentacool friend,who was now a Tentacruel,and captured him without any trouble.At age 26,he gained infamey,women,and riches beyond the eye could see.However,he felt...uninformed.He really didn't know what was going on with the world right now.His answer to this was of course,join Team Rocket.He learned extensive information on pokemon and the world.At age 32,he announced his leave right in-front of the leader,as such unorthidoxy as it may seem.His dear mother soon passed due to age.She was rather a respected individual on Edward's ship and him and his crew of three hundred held a proper burial.

At age 33,the government of all three nations grew tired of Edward's raids on citiesand ordered their naval forces to surround his ship and board to negotate.They gave him two choices.Either surrender and get sent to prison,or get fired at right there and then.It took Edward all of three seconds to choose.Grabbing the pistol from his sash,he smashed it onto the man's head,killing him.A fight ensured.Pirate against marine and pokemon.It was total chaos.Pirate vs Marine and Pokemon.Edward fought couragously,even overpowering a Blastoise with his bare heads while gaining several severe injuries.The battle lasted for nine hours.The marines on the ship suddenly began retreating.Edward thought he had won,but he was wrong.The Naval fleet opened fire on the ship all at once.The ship was destroyed.All the crew either died in the cross fire or drowned.Edward almost did,if not for War,his tentacruel,holding him up to the surface and swimming to land.Edward gradually recovered.Though he lost everything,he smiled to himself.They thought he was dead.Just imagine the look on their faces when they see him.

Age 33 1/2,the Team Rocket Base exploded and released the Pokemorph disease.

RP Sample: Edward looked at the man before him.Dressed up in marine clothing.He has blue eyes,brown short hair,and a very light mustache.He was much shorter than Edward,although,Edward towered over many.The man spoke in a calm and nonchalant voice,as if,uncaring of him and his crew."The three nations have given you two choices,Blackbeard."He said in that voice.That voice that irrated Edward so much."You must either surrender,saving all the lifes on this ship,and go into custody."He said,looking up at Edward,as if making sure he was still paying attention.He then resumed."Or face total annilhation."He said simply.He didn't even have time to look up.Edward bashed one of his pistols onto the man's forehead,knocking him back,hitting the ground.Dead.The marines in the room instantly took out their pokeballs and guns while one of them went out to alert the others.Edward wasted no time.He fire four shots.Three for the ones in the room and the one at the door.All hit their mark,the men dropping their weapons in pain.

The shots where heard outside and all hell broke loose,Edward knew.He quickly rushed outside.Marines and their pokemon where battleing each other.Blastoise,Swamperts,Feraligatrs,Floatzls,Tentacools,and much more.Edward took out his only pokemon."War!"He yelled.The tentacruel merely nodded and the two split.A marine was about to shoot one of his crew,but instead got to meet Edward's fist.Several of his teeth flew out as he was knocked back.Edward wasted no time,and went to the next Marine he saw.War rushed to a group of Marines and all 80 of his tentacles came out and wrapped around the group of 7,strangling them.Edward grabbed the head of one marine with his giant hand and literally threw him off his ship with one mighty fling.He felt something penetrate his back.He looked back,seeing a duo of marines firing at him.He grinned and rushed to them,extending his arms and lariating them.

War propelled himself into the air using his tentacles and used poison sting,the small,needle-like poison barraging those underhim.When he landed,he saw Edward and rushed to him.Edward panted and looked to the right,his grin becoming wider as he saw his friend.A marine came charging at Edward,unarmed.He laughed and swung his legs,which connected with the man's stomach,sending him back."You..will never....TAKE MY SHIP!"He yelled into the sky and the seeming never ending battle.
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PostSubject: Re: Blackbeard AKA Edward Teach II   Blackbeard AKA Edward Teach II Icon_minitimeWed Nov 27, 2013 3:17 am

Watching this. XD


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Blackbeard AKA Edward Teach II
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