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 Ace Toromaki

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PostSubject: Ace Toromaki   Ace Toromaki Icon_minitimeMon Nov 25, 2013 10:59 pm

Ace Toromaki Ace_po10

Basic Character Information:

Name: Acerun Suzachino Toromaki
Alias / Nickname: Ace
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Human

History: The Toromaki family is a wise and powerful family, which possesses a great deal of money. Ace is one of the most recent members to the prestigious family, which is known for it's prodigious children, and skilled trainers. While the family is not biased against Pokemorphs, it refuses to adopt or marry them in to the family, in order to preserve their pure and noble blood. Any child who should become a Pokemorph would be immediately disowned, and banned from entering the family estate. Due to this, the reside in Gemis.

Being a member of this family, Ace was accompanied by pokemon since his birth, and grew extremely fond of them. Not only this, but he began schooling at the age of 2, before he could even speak. By the time Ace was 9, and just starting college based curriculum, he told his parents about his desire to become a pokemon trainer. He would be the next, in a long line of great pokemon masters. After four years of college education, it was time for Ace to begin learning world experience related to combat, business, and most importantly, pokemon.

It was during this time that Ace chose his weapon of choice, a rapier, which also earned him his scar in a duel. Because of his arrogance and pride, he covers this scar with his hair, frightened that it may ruin his appearance to have a scar, rather than a prominent hairstyle.

These years of studying also brought Ace a great deal of knowledge about the pokemon world, and he therefore is far more skilled than the other newbie trainers. While he constantly competed against his tutor in pokemon battles, learning all the ins and outs, he never received a pokemon of his own. However, upon leaving home, his parents offered him a young Deino (the family symbol being a Hydreigon) as his starter; an offer he declined out of pride.

At this, Ace recited verbatim of the family's motto. "One can only find satisfaction and pride within that they have earned themselves." With that, he walked out the door, and embarked on his journey to Novia.

Appearance: Ace, as most would imagine, tends to wear very eloquent clothing, often a black suit and gloves, accompanied by an inner white, noble blouse. This particular outfit has a small, amber colored gem at approximately the center of his collarbone, in the bow-like adornment created by the blouse; it matches his intelligent, yet cold, eyes. Accompanying the rather gray-scale theme of his traditional outfit, is Ace's naturally snow-white hair. Rather lengthy, it dips below his nose, and covers his left eye in order to shroud an old scar. Unfortunately, his hair masks his rather handsome face, though it accompanies his unforgiving nature quite well.

Personality: Since anyone can remember, Ace loved pokemon. He found them amazing, useful, loyal, and utterly fascinating. Clearly, it was no surprise that Ace asked to become a pokemon trainer when he reached the early age of 9. His emotions for pokemon were almost ecstatic, and they only grew from that day. However, Ace's disposition towards other people, and poor social skills, make him a very cold and blunt person. An unforgiving life made an unforgiving child, who harbored a locked-away heart; he shows it to few.

Despite his cruel exterior, and seemingly evil appearance, Ace has a much kinder side to him. While he seldom cries or displays majorly positive emotions, he defends those he lets in to his circle of trust with a burning passion. Should anyone manage to get this close to him, they would never find themselves truly alone, never without aid, and never with a more loyal friend.

Due to his family's wealth, and connections, Ace was schooled intensely by his parents, and private scholar. The result? A calm, collective, prodigy. Yes he's cold, but he never displays loud emotions of rage, or any outbursts without perfect explanation. In all senses, he is a genius, always one step ahead of his opponents, and favors a rapier as his weapon of choice. Why a rapier? Flexible, sturdy, quick, easy to use, seldom predictable, and perfect for controlling the tide of a battle, no matter what weapon the opponent draws.

Goals: While Ace has a small ambition for it, he seeks to become a gym leader. Otherwise, his only reason for training pokemon is his love for the species. That, and the fact that he really needs to learn to talk to people.

Trainer Information:

Trainer Rank: Apprentice
Trainer Type: Normal Trainer
Pokemon: N/A

Pokemon/Pokemorph Information:

Nation: Gemis
Alliances: Semi-Neutral (Leaned towards pro-pokemorph)
Education: Home schooled to an education similar to a 4 year college degree, and 2 additional years studying pokemon-specific material

History and Gifts:

Skills/Talents: Superior analytical and deductive reasoning abilities. High intelligence, and great knowledge on pokemon. In addition, his family possesses a great deal of money. Skilled with a rapier.

Weaknesses/Faults/fears: Slightly less than average physical prowess. Poor social skills. Often rude, or selfish. Despite his age, he can have heart attacks, but is not prone to them.
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PostSubject: Re: Ace Toromaki   Ace Toromaki Icon_minitimeTue Nov 26, 2013 12:47 am

Odd to choose to start with no pokemon or such, but okay. Approved.


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Ace Toromaki
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