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 Basic and Obvious : The Rules!

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PostSubject: Basic and Obvious : The Rules!   Mon Nov 04, 2013 3:18 am

Feel free to post rule suggestions, just getting them down as they come and as I have time.

So, here we go, the topic every forum has. But it is always necessary, as it is always violated. But, let us journey together, into this thicket we call rules, and translate the obvious, and make it more obvious.

1} No derogatory names. I don't want a member called "FuckUrMom." This doesn't need said, but it will be deleted.

2} When it comes to cursing, that's allowable. But keep it modest and decent. One or so swear words at a time,  that's not my taste, but it's acceptable. Sentences compased 50% or more of swear words? Long streams of swearing? This is getting over the top.

3} Respect the staff, and respect the other members. This is really obvious and simple. There is not only OoC discipline in this forum, but IC discipline as well. You go breaking the rules stuff may happen, including IC. Check the guide for that.

4} Now we may all have different backgrounds in roleplaying. I accept that. Some of us may be able to throw out 1k posts, some of us, 1 paragraph. But keep it to at least a 7+ sentence paragraph, NOT including what other people said.

5} Don't greatly break character. This is fairly obvious, but if your character is a mushy touchy-feely, then don't go drowning kittens, and if you are some bad-*** pokemorph who wants to kill all humans, then don't go crying on ones shoulder, unless there is truly a greatly explainable reason.

6} No flaming or arguing. Yes, we have differing opinions and beliefs, and, yes, we sometimes dislike one another. But there is NO reason to flame one another in the chat box or forum. If you do not like something, be reasonable and explain why. And if they disagree, then "take it like a man" and don't get angry.

7} This is one of the most common rules in RP'ing but it must be said "No Godmodding" If you are new to RP and have no idea what Godmodding is click the spoiler below.


8} Another big one is Metagaming, this can be a problem when people forget the difference between what they know OOC (Them as a person or Out Of Character) and what there character knows in the RP.


Note:Before reporting any Godmodding or MetaGaming POLITELY address the person before reporting to an admin or mod, some of the time it could just be a mistake and nicely ask the person to edit their post, If you and the other party cannot work things out in an acceptable manner then feel free to contact a mod or Admin via PM

9} Your account name needs to match your characters name. This is for reasons of managing money, which would be far harder with many characters on a single account. An admin will be more than willing to change it after the fact if need be.

10} All moves that raise stats by 2 are reduced to raising them by 1 Rank for the duration of the fight. This means Agility raises speed by 1 rank for the entire fight.

11} Gen 6 pokemon are open if you can give a legit source of their level-up moves and such, like psypoke's psydex or bulbapedia.

12} No one is required to be a trainer. You can be a stall vendor, a bank manager, anything really.
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Basic and Obvious : The Rules!
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