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 Rules for Mods

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PostSubject: Rules for Mods   Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:17 am

Common Sense

  • Staff, even admins, may not approve their own items, moves, characters, or exp earned. Pretty much anything that is theirs or part theirs.

  • Staff must be active, or they will be fired, etc. Though they may simply make a topic or some such notifying the people of why they are away.

  • It is important that mods set a good example. So don't make crappy characters, moves, etc. that break rules. Some exceptions may be made by an admin.


  • All characters must use the correct template. If they are not using the specified template, then it won't be approved. Minor alterations in placement are allowable. Such as putting your pokemorph section above the trainer section. The tempalte must remain though.

  • All requirements must be met. Appearances must be at least 2 paragraphs long, and Personality must be at least 3 paragraphs long, Histories must be 500 words long. These are the required minimums set.

  • If Gen 6, they must provide information as to where they got the moves.

  • Legendary Pokemon require admin permission.

  • Even if they are trainer level 8, their normal pokemon must be level 7 max

  • Those who start at a higher rank may, if they so choose, start with 3 pokemon of their rank, maxing at rank 7.

  • A few typos and such are acceptable, but rampant typos and errors need fixed.

Items and Moves

  • The template must be correct, no excuses. The order may be moved a tad, but it must be there and filled out completely.

  • Moves need to meet the rank requirements for each rank. In short, a move with 120 base power is not rank 4, no matter what they say.

  • Attacking moves with more than 20% chance to inflict a status must go up a rank, some exceptions can be made. But be wary of them.

  • All descriptions MUST be detailed. If this move is a gust of wind, then it needs to explain how strong and how far that wind goes.

  • Heed the banned/Altered list.
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Rules for Mods
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