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 Experience System and requirements.

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Experience System and requirements. Empty
PostSubject: Experience System and requirements.   Experience System and requirements. Icon_minitimeSat Nov 16, 2013 11:38 pm

Everyone wants their pokemon to get stronger. So we have an experience system here. We have used 8 rankings to make the matter simpler than exact stat numbers and exact levels. It gets annoying tracking pokemon level to level. But, we need a way to get from rank 2 to rank 3 right? So, we have an experience system.

Every topic you role-play in, even if it is just a training topic, you can turn in to receive any experience your pokemon receive. A mod will read the topic, and most specifically, the pokemon or pokemorph(s) used. They will then give a pokemon/morph up to 30 experience, depending on how the roleplay was written and how much they fought. The formula below is how the mods will grade and grant exp for each individual pokemon/morph used.

Usage: How often was the pokemon used? only a tiny bit and it didn't use any moves? 0 exp in this category. Often and it fought or trained hard? 10 exp in this category.

Length: How long were the posts? This is a minor category, as quality is more important than quantity, but those who post 3 sentences will find they loose a chunk of exp here. The range is between 1 and 5 exp.

Grammar: How well was the writing from a grammar point of view? Full of coma splices and typos? Hard to read? Or was it great and flawless? Range of exp awarded: 0-5

Delivery: This is how well the fight was roleplayed, and how well the rules were obeyed. If you meta-gamed the entire time, in addition to other problems, this will net you a score of 0. But if it was descriptive and interesting to read, you get 10 exp here.

Rank 1: Starting rank for some.
Rank 2: Starting rank for some, for others, it requires 100 exp.
Rank 3: Requires 250 exp total. (175 for cocoon pokemon.)
Rank 4: Requires 400 exp total.
Rank 5: Requires 700 exp total.
Rank 6: Requires 1,000 exp total.
Rank 7: Requires 1,400 exp total. (max for normal pokemon and morphs.)
Rank 8: Requires 2,000 exp total.

For a trainer to increase their trainer level, the total of all their pokemon's experience goes to their level. So if in an RP you get 20 exp for your charmander, 30 for your butterfree, and 15 for your mankey, you have gained 65 experience as a trainer.

Rank 1: Starting rank for some.
Rank 2: Starting rank for some, for others, it requires 300 exp.
Rank 3: Requires 750 exp total.
Rank 4: Requires 1,200 exp total.
Rank 5: Requires 2,100 exp total.
Rank 6: Requires 3,000 exp total.
Rank 7: Requires 4,200 exp total.
Rank 8: Requires 6,000 exp total.

After you are given how many exp points are earned for each participating pokemon/morph, then you can add that number to your character sheets. Make sure to be aware that this is carefully watched. Cheating can result in penalties IC and OoC.
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Experience System and requirements.
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