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 Kazuma's Departure

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Kazuma Yagami

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PostSubject: Kazuma's Departure   Kazuma's Departure Icon_minitimeSat Dec 21, 2013 1:47 am

Mount Mi'hin, a place known to Kazuma as a haven for bug and poison types alike. There was one Pokemon in particular that he wanted, it would add some very nice diversity to his team. Scizor, the bug and steel combo. It's physical attack and defense were more than impressive, and it was very resilient, with only one true type weakness, fire. Fire was something he could cover very well for though, between Charizard, Garchomp, and Kingdra.

Kazuma was sitting outside his house, his three pokeballs clipped to his side. He had three empty ones also, prepared for the Scizor he was looking for. The wind blew in his face a bit, the  day was young, the sun was in the midst of rising and he could feel the temperature slowly rise.  The elite trainer grabbed one of his pokeballs, the one containing his Charizard. Grabbing the ball from the clip on his belt, he clicked the white button in the middle, the ball expanding in his hand. Casually he tossed the ball forwards towards the small pathway leading to his front door. The ball opened while in mid air, his large draconian beast materialized from the sphere and spread its wings upon being released.

Slowly Kazuma rose, walking over to his large, black flying lizard, as he got closer he reached out with his right hand, stroking Charizard's back a little. He slowly hopped onto Charizard's back, leaning over a little to talk to his companion.

"We're heading to Mount Mi'hin, you know where that is right?" Kazuma would say, speaking softly to his beast. Nodding in response, Kazuma knew that they were on the same page. He slowly patted Charizard's back, signaling that it was time to take to the skies. With a flap of the wings, the two rose into the air, and with more powerful flaps of the wings they took off in the direction of the mountain, towards their destination.
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Kazuma's Departure
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