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 Furzee Spider

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PostSubject: Furzee Spider   Furzee Spider Icon_minitimeThu Dec 12, 2013 5:56 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: Furzee Spider
Alias / Nickname: Zee, Fur, Sparks, Spider
Age: Human age of young adult, so around 20? He doesn't actually know.
Gender: Male
Race: Pokemorph

Appearance: Furzee is only cute to the right eyes. Depends if you like spiders really. He's an 8-limbed guy. Like any human, he had two arms and legs, but extending from his back are two pairs of yellow furred legs, ending in spiked ends of blue. His eyes are Pokemon, completely blue without pupils. His hair is like a humans, though is wild and spiky, mostly because of the static buss around his body that keeps his hair up constantly. It is bright yellow, like his spider legs. The legs hang in an X shape, two smaller ones above, and two longer ones below. The top ones are better use for tying web or holding things, whilst Furzee takes comfort in using them for climbing or leaning on.

The legs are Furzee's only real spider trait, he doesn't have more than two eyes or a large abdomen for web. The electoweb he can naturally produce comes from his hands or upper spider-legs. He wears clothes, though very old and worn. He wears a bright blue hoodie, with a tattered pair of jeans. His feet and hands are bare and although it's normally missed when meeting him, his fingernails are blue, like the ends of his spider-legs.
His skin is human, but is slightly more yellow than normal. He has a large scar over his right eye, going over the blue orb with a faint crack. It looks painful, but doesn't cause Furzee much bother.

Personality: Honestly, if you met Furzee, you'd probably think he was a mute. He barely talks, but its not because he doesn't know how to. He appreciates others talking, and him listening and doing. Talking personally isn't important to him, but he'll open his mouth if need be. He loves to sit around in nature, and a dense, damp forest is his favorite place to hang out. Furzee has a thing for heights, taking any opportunity to climb a cliff-side or a tree, sitting happily on a web whilst watching nature do its work.

He's a simple soul, Furzee doesn't really take interest in the racism and opinions outside of his homelands. He doesn't mind fighting, though prefers to make friends than break them. Friends are kept close to Furzee and, depending on how close they become, Furzee loves to follow them until it become annoying.
The spidery lad is completely innocent, nothing he does is to purposely cause harm or annoyance. If he was told off for something, he'd return it with a look of confusion.

A nice way to get close to Furzee is to gain his trust. And to do that you need food. He loves a good bit of sweets. It can be fruit, or treats, and Furzee is bound to climb down from his webs and feast. He's equally human and Pokemon, but prefers the Pokemon lifestyle because it's so much more lax, and doesn't require as much thought. The human condition, worries and opinions, according to Furzee, are just pointless and headache causing. He doesn't think with the mind of a trainer, Pokemon are his cousins, and he'd think twice before capturing one.

Goals: Secretly Furzee wants a family, or a companion to stay with him at all times. The spider doesn't fear much, not heights or the dark, but he does fear being alone.

Pokemon/Pokemorph Information:

Type: human=pokemon
Species: Galvantula
Abilities: Compound Eyes, (he can see real well Razz)
Type(s): Bug/Electric
Battle Rank: Rank 6
Strength: 6
Defense: 5
Spec. Attack: 7
Spec. Defense: 5
Speed: 9
Level-up Moves:

Nation: Apexia
Alliances: As neutral and neutral can be Razz
Education: Know both Pokemon and English, though his Pokemon is better. No real education, though knows enough logic to tell a trap from a safe place.

History and it's Gifts:

Skills/Talents: Climbing, Building Webs, Catching prey, Spider things

Weaknesses/Faults/fears: Being alone, striped of freedom

History: Furzee's childhood life is a blur. He can't remember where he was born, or who his parents were. All he does know was that he, as a Pokemorph, was born into the beauty of green. Forests around him. Because his arrival to such a place, it quickly became his home and only way of survival. Furzee lived off small insects or fruits, catching them in his webs. At first his spider legs were incredibly small, that of a Joltik. But eventually, after friendly training against Pokemon who shared his area of living.

His life before the mutations of a Pokemorph, he was a boy full of adventure. He had parents who loved him, and a brother who respected him. Furzee was the life of the party, full of charisma and laughs. He loved to be around people, and this part of him was carried down during his mutation. When he was 17, just before his morphing, he found love in a girl. Her name forgotten, but she was so respectful of Furzee and his ways. They were together constantly. But as limbs began to grow from his back, and his chocolate brown, curly hair went yellow and spiky, Furzee knew what was happening.

At this point, his father had already advertise his great hatred of Pokemorphs, even going lengths to hunt them. Still visible as human, Furzee ran off from his home to the plains of Apexia. There, alone and away from his family, Furzee slowly changed, his yellow limbs painfully growing out of his back. He forgot his past life, as he knew he might. He left his old life to protect his loved ones, from humiliation and pain. It was a selfless thing, and yet he couldn't remember any of it once he became a full Pokemorph. He sometimes gets images or emotions of the past, but it never stops him for long. Now, in his simple mind, he hopes for friends and family to return to him, new people in his life to make it interesting.

At the age of 19-ish, Furzee found interest in the cities of Apexia. They buzzed with life, and most of all, electricity. He took time, hanging from the sides of the tall building, his static hair tickling with the city buzz. He took the wrong time to choose to take action towards the cities electricity. It was just when conflict between Pokemorphs and people was just beginning that Furzee stole the electricity from a particularly energetic building. The electricity he absorbed blew most of the bulbs around the building, causing a major blackout for a few days. It wasn't a major deal, but very much annoyed the residence. A hunter was sent out to look for the culprit.

They were good, and found Furzee all too easily, (since the spider chose to celebrate his new energy by hanging merrily from the same building he stole it from), and attacked Furzee. The hunter chased Furzee far out of the city, using his Pokemon partner, Zangoose to attack. The Zangoose slashed over Furzee's eye, causing a scar, and Furzee ran scared into the green-lands and forests. There, he sat traumatically for a few days, pondering over what had happened. He never thought he'd done wrong, but accepted the hunter did no wrong either. Simple, and Furzee forgot the whole thing, as he normally did. He traveled around the forests, finding an old love for them, remembering how much he enjoyed them in his early, Pokemorph, life.
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Posts : 2
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Age : 22
Location : England

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PostSubject: Re: Furzee Spider   Furzee Spider Icon_minitimeThu Dec 12, 2013 5:57 pm

All good I think! Ready to be judged! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Furzee Spider   Furzee Spider Icon_minitimeThu Dec 12, 2013 7:47 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Furzee Spider   Furzee Spider Icon_minitime

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Furzee Spider
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