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 Gira...being himself, unfortunately

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Gira...being himself, unfortunately Empty
PostSubject: Gira...being himself, unfortunately   Gira...being himself, unfortunately Icon_minitimeTue Dec 10, 2013 12:16 pm

Gira was, of course, known for spending vast amounts of money on personal pleasures, and today was no exception. He lazed beneath the boiling sun on the beach, wearing a pair of black swimming trunks that exposed his more pokemon-like features, such as his pale grey skin, causing him to stick out like a sore thumb among all the human beach goers. Of course, wielding the power he did, nobody would say anything if they knew what was good for them. one of his servant women held an umbrella above him at an exact angle. the positioning had to be absolutely perfect, that way gira might possibly be kind enough to tip one of them. Another servant brought him a ice-cream with 3 scoops of various flavors on top; chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. This was the life wasn't it, then why was he so bored?
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Gira...being himself, unfortunately
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