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 Errgan Marian

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PostSubject: Errgan Marian   Errgan Marian Icon_minitimeMon Dec 09, 2013 11:28 pm

Errgan Marian 6b453_Ram

Basic Character Information:

Name: Errgan Marian
Alias / Nickname: Tank,Ram
Age: 40 years
Gender: Male
Race: Human(?)

Appearance: Errgan is a hulking man who wears a straitjacket which permanently binds his arms to his chest making it impossible for him to use them in combat. He also wears a prison-issue restraint mask which prevents him from biting and infecting others. Errgan is significantly larger than most most humans, being at 8'9 in height, and it is unclear how he was completely restrained in the straitjacket, pants, and mask.Even though he's restrained, Errgan still uses his massive size to his advantage. He will charge at the enemies head on and crush anyone standing in his way — including innocent bystanders. If the opponent is close by, he will also deliver a devastating kick.His eyes are red and bloodshoot and is completely hairless(besides his eyelashes and eyebrows).Due to him being so dangerous,the insane asylum made a special straight jacket.It is incredibally thick,preventing him from using his arms.This is rather bad,however,as due to being so thick,most bullets and attacks never reach him enough to injure him.

Personality: Errgan was once a rather cheerful man,always happy.Due to his stature,he was often seen as a gentile giant.He always said 'please' and 'thank you'.He couldn't bring himself to hurt a fly.That was before he went to the insane asylum.This was mainly due to the fact he was framed for murdering a young couple in a cruel and humane fashion.While in there,he grew afraid and was often alone in his room.He never disturped anyone and kept his kind nature.
As time passed,however,he began thinking of why he was in here.He grew angry,frustrated even,as to why it happened to him.He was good,wasn't he?Then why was he in there?Why was he suffering?Why is he being punished?He grew rageful and killed three other residence with his bare-hands.He developed Intermittent explosive disorder and became even more enraged,even at random occasions.He then developed Bipolar,mostly being enraged,then calm,then even more enraged.
His temper is extremely short and he isn't far from killing anyone.He does have a gentile side,however.He mostly reveals it around children and people he deeply cares about.When like this,he won't become enraged unlessed provocked or if the person leaves.Despite this,he seems incapable of remorse to a certain degree and won't even notice the casualities that he caused in his path of destruction.


Nation:Rathia,Current residence in Dead Islands
Alliances: ERRGAN CRUSH ALL!!!
Education: Being 40,Errgan passed his schools and got a bachelor's degree in college during his youth.

History and it's Gifts:

Skills/Talents: He has a immsensely high tolerance to pain.Massive reserves of endurance and stamina.Can run up to 8 miles per hour at top speed.Has great physical strengh,having been rumored to have torn a man in half with his bare hands.

Weaknesses/Faults/fears: Due to his straightjacket,he is permanetly unable to use his arms until it is somehow taken off of him.He gets enraged at random times.Can't even scratch his back.

History: Errgan was once a normal person.As a child,he was incredibly sweet and was born into a rich family.His mother taught him how to cook while his father taught him how to read.Even at that age,his parents had high expectations for him.Despite this,Errgan was always quiet and kind,often holding doors for anybody,helping with anything despite his high status.Unlike everyone in Rathia,where he was born,hated morphs,he never showed any ill-will towards them and even had multiple morph friends.At the age 17,Errgan passed high school and went onto college.It was there,that he found the love of his life.Emalia Nukala was her name,dark-skinned,brave,cheerful...and a Lopunny morph.Despite to the other students disgust,the two loved each other greatly and openly.They snuggled and cuddled to their hearts content,showing to the world that they didn't care on it though of them.Errgan was always at the top of his class,always earning As and Bs,making the other students even more angry at him,despite his modest and sweet nature toward them.Soon,however,he and Emalia passed college together and soon got married.For 13 years they were married and loved each other.Errgan was shunned by family for marrying a morph,but Errgan could care-less.Emalia was priceless and the most important thing to him.He protected her with his life.However,one day when he was off at the grocery store,Emalia was murdered by racists.Her neck was sliced open and there were carvings on the inside of her mouth.Errgan feel to his knees in utter despair.Years of despresion later,however,he gradually recovered with the help of a young and understanding couple.As time passed,Errgan began feeling normal again despite Emalia's death.The trio became very close,to the point they allowed Errgan to move in with them.All wasn't well,however.Soon,the murders noticing Errgan's recovery,decided to teach him a lesson.At night,while they slept,the killed the couple,put the evidence in Errgan's hands,called the police and ran off.The police took him into custody and due to being in Rathia,the trial was rigged and he was sent to a insane asylum.He was scared for his life and socialized with no one,not even the caretakers.He still showed his kindness,however,quietly say please and thank you.As time passed,however,he grew angry.He was good,right?Why was he here?He did nothing wrong.He didn't do it,yet they refused to listen.Why him?He soon grew enraged,wondering why.He developed actual problems soon as he then tore a caretaker in half with his own hands and started a riot.He was subdued and put in solitary confinment.He escaped that,killed even more.Thats when they made him his special straightjacket and forced it upon and put him under severe lock-down.Of, course,he escaped that and killed using his mouth like a wild animal.They put a restraint mask on him and decided to send him to Abbot on one of the Dead Islands.Prepared,the officers there quickly brought him down and locked him up as is.He was like that for years until one of the guards forgot to check on him.Using the opportunity,he burst out his cell wall using nothing but brute strength and has since then wandered the island,killing any guard he finds.

RP Sample:
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Errgan Marian
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