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 Sayomi Hayashi

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Sayomi Hayashi

Sayomi Hayashi

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PostSubject: Sayomi Hayashi    Sayomi Hayashi  Icon_minitimeMon Dec 09, 2013 6:19 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: Sayomi Hayashi

Alias / Nickname: The last Ranger (not officially) or Say

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Sayomi Hayashi  2ec0rxl

Sayomi is kinda short at 5'2 She is skinny and has tannish skin from being outside. She has long golden hair that hangs past her hips. She wears a black and gold shirt that cuts off below her chest with a black mini skirt. She also has a gold scarf that she has tied around her hips. She wears knee-high black and gold boots. Her eyes are green and she has a small bag on her hip for carrying her supplies. She always has her Luxray, Quake, by her side as long as he's not injured and can sometimes be seen riding him. Her capture styler is yellow and black with a lightning bolt where the diamond design should be.

Personality: Sayomi is a very outgoing girl. She loves to have fun and hang out with friends. She also loves nature and being outside. She's been known to have a sweet spot for pokemon, often protecting them from poachers. She believes that forcing pokemon to fight is wrong and tends to avoid fighting. If needed Sayomi can be serious, especially when someone is harming pokemon or the environment for personal gain.

Sayomi is very kind to people and minds her manners (when she's not angry with someone.). She's been called a bit of a tomboy and doesn't mind getting dirty. Her worst fear is to not be able to help someone in serious danger. She tends not to worry about that and focus on what she's doing though.

Sayomi believes that battling pokemon for sport is wrong and prefers not to use Quake's pokeball as long as he can walk. Therefore he can almost always be seen at her side.

Goals: Sayomi hopes to open the ranger school once again.

Trainer Information:

Trainer Rank: Rank 6

Trainer Type: Leader of the Pokemon Rangers



Nation: Apexia

Alliances: Pro-poke morph, Rangers

Education: Left high school to become a ranger  at a very young age but learned at Ranger school. Very knowledgeable about pokemon and habitats as well as plant life.

History and it's Gifts:

• Athleticism - Sayomi has highly trained her body for maximum physical capabilities. Able to outrun most trainers.

• Aura - Sayomi has a friendly "aura" that most pokemon will find calming.

• Being attracted to a poacher
• Failing to save a person/pokemon from death or severe injury.

History:  Sayomi grew up with a love for pokemon. Her parents gave her a Shinx at age 8. She cared for the Shinx very much, but it always seemed to reject her. It went on this way for about a year until the Shinx ran off. It was a few days before he turned up and Sayomi was heartbroken. Even though it seemed to hate her it was HER pokemon and she loved it. After a few days she found the small pokemon stuck in a small leg trap. She broke the trap with a rock and, with the help of a nurse, aided the pokemon back to health. The Shinx never shunned her again.

They joined the Rangers academy at a very young age. Here Sayomi would train her body to peak physical condition and practice with a capture styler. She became quite good at it, able to befriend most weak pokemon. By her 11th birthday she was almost able to become a Ranger. Then something terrible happened. She got a letter a few days before departing. It read:

"Dearest Sayomi, We send this letter in hopes that it will arrive before you leave. The Ranger station you have applied to is being shut down due to the world wide crisis currently taking place. We strongly urge you not to apply for another at this time as they are not accepting new Rangers. We fear that the Ranger Organization itself may be coming to an end with the rest of the government systems. With heavy hearts, Ranger Academy"

Sayomi and the Luxio (Shinx from before) she had now named Quake were very distraught over the situation. Together they vowed that if the Rangers did shut down that they'd re-open them at their first chance. Sayomi began to read every book she could find about being a Ranger. Finally she obtained a Ranger's manual from the Academy that had long since shut down. She keeps it with her at all times in her bag. She kept her capture styler from when she almost joined the rangers. It was yellow and black with a lightning bolt where the diamond should be. She had customized it herself.

As of now Sayomi and Quake travel Apexia trying to recruit new Rangers. She leaves posters with her name and Styler's number on them. Quake evolved into a Luxray protecting Sayomi from a Blastoise. It had been rampaging and Sayomi's capture failed. She almost got injured when Quake evolved and distracted it with a new attack. That gave Sayomi another chance to launch her Capture Disc, this time succeeding. The Blastoise was calmed enough to send back into the area it came from.

They obtained a building near Apex City and will turn this small place into a temporary Ranger base when they get enough members. They hope for a solid 5 members before they head back to the base. They will travel with trainers only if the trainer loves all their pokemon and won't make the pokemon fight if they choose not to.

RP Sample: Using Caterpie I won in the Event to Rank 6 it.


    Capture Styler
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PostSubject: Re: Sayomi Hayashi    Sayomi Hayashi  Icon_minitimeMon Dec 09, 2013 7:26 pm

Descriptions are a bit small for my tastes, but not enough to hold this back. approved.
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Sayomi Hayashi
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