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 Hell on Earth

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PostSubject: Hell on Earth   Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:06 pm

Mission Name: Hell on Earth
Mission Rank: 8
Mission Area: Mt. Terris
Mission Goal: An incredibly large amount of overly-aggressive Charizard have been gathering at Mt. Terris. Bring a lot of water types, and take them out.
Requirements: The mission is received from Professor Sakura Kirin in Apex City, who offers a reward for solving the problem mentioned above, and an additional reward for bringing back a live specimen of the Charizards. If you have accepted this quest, you may not accept Blizzards and Twisters and Sea Monsters: Oh my! or Legend of Thunder Plains.
(Note that none of these Charizards are 'trainable', and the only benefit that comes from catching one, is turning it in to Professor Sakura)
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Hell on Earth
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