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 Isaac {Done}

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PostSubject: Isaac {Done}   Isaac {Done} Icon_minitimeSun Dec 08, 2013 4:30 am


Basic Character Information:

Name: Isaac Gilead
Alias / Nickname: Amp
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Pokemorph


Isaac stands a total of 5 feet and 4 inches tall. He weighs a mere 165 pounds, give or take some depending on the scale used. He isn't at all overweight, and his constant activity keeps him fairly fit. His entire body is covered in an odd yellow fur. It is known, like the wool of mareep and flaffy, to store electrical energy. The color is fairly bright, yet not so much that it becomes garish or bad looking. The fur has several black stripes on the tail and neck, not to mention the ears. Speaking of the ears, his are only partly conical, like the perimeter of a semi-circle, they are open on one side. He is known for his ability to flick these in different direction, much like an animal can move their ears.

Set in his forehead i s a large circular gem of sorts. It is a bright contrasting red, and can glow extremely brightly, similar to the orb on his tail. Isaac has normal human hands, not the flipper like limbs on many Amparos, part of what remains of his humanity. They allow for as dextrous manipulation of objects as human hands. His tail is thinner than many ampharos tails, looking more slim and feline than normal. On it's end rests a red orb, brightly colored and capable of glowing with great intensity, it usually is turned "off" simply resembling a bright red sphere. The differences between him and an ampharos are subtle. The way he holds himself, the skeletal structure being just slightly off. When added to his human hands, these are the only great ways of distinguishing him from a pokemon. Isaac wears an odd black collar that resembles the stripes on his fur, and blends into one of the stripes making it hard to see from a distance. This is the zoo's restraint, among other things. His fur is about 1 inch long.


Isaac is a very odd person. And mostly that is due to the brutal treatment he has received, especially within the last 4 years Neither of his parents much cared for him compared to his siblings. And that has not been helpful to him either. Isaac lacks confidence in himself, to a great degree.He doesn't trust himself to do things or to be strong enough to do anything. He tends to be very doubtful of himself. As a result, he lacks a lot of the pride many people have. He virtually never brags seriously, though had has been known to in jest. When it comes to his opinion of himself, he is even more bizarre. After years of being in the morph zoo, years of brutal and inhumane treatment, he hardly thinks of himself as human anymore. After being treated and told he isn't human thousands of times, treated like he wasn't even part human, and many hundreds of thousands of verbal assaults, he has has nearly completely succumbed to it. Isaac hardly even acknowledges himself as something akin to a human being. You get told a lie so many times, with no one around you correcting it, you start to believe it's true eventually.

In addition, after wearing the morph zoo collar and being subjected to it's effects for years, He no longer is able to physically harm someone unless it's life and death, and even then only with the greatest of regret and worry. The thought doesn't even occur to him anymore after all this time. At the same time he has gained a great fear of humans, avoiding them when possible. However due to the lack of any sort of privacy, it' rare that he can avoid them totally. Isaac tends to be very shy, afraid of the race he was once a member of. His memories from before his imprisonment are something he rarely thinks about anymore. The longing ache for some semblance of normalcy long ago crushed and shattered.

But one shouldn't think of him as someone who is mopey or depressed constantly. For this is not at all depressed. Isaac is able to have fun and play around often, and isn't a depressing person most of the time. His mind has adapted to the situation, then again, the options were either adapt to it or end up killing himself. He is able to be easily entertained in a way most humans can't be. Like an animal chasing his tail has become little more than a fun game to relieve boredom. His entire body is covered with fur, and due tot his he grooms himself often, which is always pleasant. Once a person manages to get past his initial fears they can find him much like a playful kitten, playing around and quite loving of affection, being so starved in that area.

Goals: Isaac has no dreams or goals at this point, other than escaping the zoo. But as to this never having come into fruition, and seeing countless failures, even this goal is by and large given up.

Pokemon/Pokemorph Information:

Type: Human < Pokemon
Species: Ampharos
Abilities: Static / Plus
Type(s): Electric
Battle Rank: 7
Strength: 8
Defense: 6
Spec. Attack: 8
Spec. Defense: 6
Speed: 8
Level-up Moves:

Level-Up Moves:

Other Known Moves:

Nation: Rathia - Morph Zoo
Alliances: None
Education: Isaac has a high school education. Granted a nice one with many an A, he was transformed before college was an option.

History and it's Gifts:

Skills/Talents: Isaac really has few skills or talents. He has a fair intelligence, and arguably he has picked up his pokemorph abilities, learning them easily.

Weaknesses/Faults/fears: Isaac has several problems here. He thinks he is inferior to people, due to cruel treatment. He is also unable to physically harm someone unless his life is in danger. Both of these being huge hindrances.


Isaac was born to a fairly upper class family in Saphos. His mother and father took great care of him and his siblings. Isaac has 4 sisters, and a single older brother. He is the youngest of all the siblings, his brother already being 10 when he was born. As such, he was doted upon by his sisters greatly. But mostly this is because they were all between 4 and 12, and greatly wanted to play house. Isaac's parents seemed to love him greatly during his infancy, and he got much attention and devotion. However at the age of 5 this was changing. Now that he was old enough to avoid as much trouble, and his sistors were all growing into their teens, Isaac found himself suddenly being ignored by virtually everyone around him. His sisters were teens now in school and doing things. His older brother had moved out years ago and was off making his own business. He had someone watching him, but it was little more than his parents paying someone to do their job. And the "nanny" did it very poorly, half ignoring him.

At the age of 6 he was shipped off to a private elementary school, where he rarely saw anyone but other students and teachers. He was fairly bright and intelligent, but when that began to show it only got him the ire of his classmates. He seemed to grasp things quickly and ask questions that confused the other students. And that only further isolated him and made him unpopular. After much bullying from trying to blend in, he simply learned to be by himself, and found that when he kept to himself, they left him well alone. He had always been a bit shy, so it wasn't a big leap for him to make. By the time he was moved into the upper grades, his reputation was a loner and the ire of his classmates had both grown until he was virtually exiled.

On the breaks between terms he got no attention from his parents and his siblings were all gone. Only his brother had come back as a super successful business man. His brother was rich and powerfull, and the pride of Isaac's  father. All of his siblings were off doing great things, leaving him, the runt, to sit there and annoy his parents with his lack of super success in life, despite the fact he hadn't graduated school yet. He had everything he needed but affection and attention. Isaac got terribly sick shortly before graduating. So many were getting sick with that infernal plague. His parents found the cure and administered it, and then went back to their lives.

It was just barely a year later, shortly after his graduations, that the transofrmation into a morph happened. By then his brother was building a zoo, his sister had become some kind of very rich poacher, and his remaining siblings had all joined various businesses and were well on their way to the top. Isaac's transformation, rocked the family to it's core. Residing in Gemis, anti pokemorph sentiment was rampant. Isaac was barred from leaving their house again. It was as if he was some deep dark secret, and a disgrace to the family. Isaac was kept locked up in a series of rooms, his families love went far enough to earn him food and decent rooms to be imprisoned in. Isaac finally, after much effort, managed to break through a carefully locked window. However it was fruitless. Finally, the family could take the embarrassment of having him in their house no longer, and called for a hunter. And he was caught, having just barely escaped, within 10 minutes. It wasn't that he lacked the smarts to hide, so much as being totally out classed by the hunter. Combined with the fact that he had had no news that hunters who sold morphs to the zoo even existed, he hadn't known he needed to hide instead of run.

So Isaac was the first morph to be shipped to the zoo. He was collared and locked in a large grassland type exhibit, with numerous mareep and a few flaffy, inside the massive grassland section of the zoo. Since then, Isaac has seen thousands of paying customers, after the opening, come to gawk at him, and more prisoners confined to be in this freakshow. Isaac broke mentally after a mere 14 months in the zoo, and has been the same mentally ever since. It came slowly, but after reacing a certain point, his mind just gave out. Now Isaac resides at the zoo, conditioned and relatively harmless, he was also the first to be given what we might call "trustee" status, and allowed some form of human interaction in what they call the "petting zoo."

RP Sample:

Isaac was in the middle of a small cave in the savannah. He had claimed it as his own. It was only the second biggest, and yet he had found it most to his liking. As he wasn't allowed many human things his little den was different from what a human would use should they have to reside in a small cave. His bed was woven largely from tall grasses, resembling an odd sort of nest. Long ropes of woven grasses were woven again to create a small door. Granted it really wasn't something that kept anyone or anything out, the tiny gesture was one of the few human things he could do. Isaac climbed out of his little den, bushing through his makeshift door, which was closer to a curtain. It was at nightfall and a lot of his fellow captives were asleep, or attempting to. Isaac walked out without showing any emotions the new captives were going through. He was already used to it.

The others were known for their howling and their Constanta plotting of escape routes. But the thought hadn't even entered Isaac's mind. He walked up to a rock, climbing onto it using one of the bigger human features he had left, his hands. He looked around examining the area he had spent a third of his time in. His tail orb began it's bright red glow, illuminating the land still more as the sun finished it's setting. Now the red was coming not only from the horizon, but from his tail. Isaac smiled to himself, and without thinking, began the fun game of "catch the glowy ball" which he knew to be his tail. He giggled to himself as he just managed to grab the sphere, before falling over do to the momentum and the sudden stop. With a sudden movement, his tail came from between his legs as he hit the ground, and whacked him lightly on the head. Ahah! He had caught it!


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PostSubject: Re: Isaac {Done}   Isaac {Done} Icon_minitimeSun Dec 08, 2013 11:57 pm

Rp sample added, etc. Done


Using the caterpie for rank 6, and a pokeball to boost it by 1 rank to 7.

Quote :
Rare Candy: 50 Free EXP for any pokemon. (3/100 chance)
Payday Meowth: 75 Coins (3/100 chance)
PokeBall: An Extra starter pokemon, or start a rank higher for pokemon / Non trainer characters. (can be a free TM/tutor/egg/custom move as well. But ONLY 1 of these options.) (1/50 or 2/100 chance)
Caterpie: Star at rank 6 with 1 character. Alternately, one pokemon may reach rank 8, rank up a character or pokemon instantly. (ONLY 1 of those options per caterpie.) (1/100 chance)
Team Rocket: You loose everything up to this point. (5/100 chance)
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Sayomi Hayashi

Sayomi Hayashi

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PostSubject: Re: Isaac {Done}   Isaac {Done} Icon_minitimeMon Dec 09, 2013 9:45 pm

Alright! Great character. Approved!

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PostSubject: Re: Isaac {Done}   Isaac {Done} Icon_minitime

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Isaac {Done}
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