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 Morph Zoo Information

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PostSubject: Morph Zoo Information    Sat Dec 07, 2013 10:38 pm


The technology used in the zoo is incredable. And the huge profits from morph-hating citizens visiting the zoo only fuels that. Each morph and pokemon wears a collar which prevents moves like rainy day or blizzard, as well as high powered moves like hyper beam, earthquake, etc. In addition, they received a powerful shock upon any attempt at harming a human, and a smaller but still painful zap for even thinking about it. Locators in the collar allow for computers to monitor where they are, constantly. It is tight against teh skin and impossible to remove normally. Being made of high heat resistance and strong metals, it is nearly impossible to get it off, even using temperature to try and weaken it amounts to nill due to it's incredibly high melting point. In short, without outside aid it is impossible to remove it. The same is true of pretty much all the enclosures. One could compare it to the sturdiest built prison in history, virtually escape proof, at least without great outside help. Even ghost pokemon can't just float through the walls, as they are made to house even ghost types.

Petting Zoo

A large section of the zoo, though small compared to the size of the rest of the zoo, is a mix of grassy plains, with a small forest and a river running in a circle around the perimeter. This area is referred to as the "petting zoo.." Anyone who wants to RP in the "petting zoo" simply RP's in this forum instead of a habitat. In short, this is where the "trustee" morphs are able to socialize with people. Though not in a normal human way in all likelihood. Most people come just to see the morphs in their rightful place living their lives like the animals they are. But getting up close to the tamed ones is a big draw for some.

Warning! Don't Leave the Paths!

Anyone who leaves a walking path or somehow enters the exhibit is on their own. If a morph kills you, like the violent animals they are, the zoo is not liable. If you get out to interact with a morph in a normal area, any damages to your body, lost items, etc. is on you. There are ways out, usually involving doors which require a guard to open on the other side, to get back out of an enclosure. Leaving the paths and enclosures is allowed, but again, any loses, damages, or injuries is your responsibility.

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PostSubject: Re: Morph Zoo Information    Sun Dec 08, 2013 12:18 am

What are habitats like?

There are many habitats, but they are usually less divided by element than habitat. All the habitats are huge and expansive, easily coping with potentially hundreds of morphs and pokemon. (Many if not the vast majority are NPC's) The whole zoo is the biggest in the world by far. The zoo is under construction, so not all habitats are open. However the following are open for use:

Aquatic Habitat

Open Sea

This is largely just a huge aquarium. Visitors can walk through tunnels in it to see that which is enclosed here from another angle. many parts of the sides are glass, allowing for great viewing. Open tunnels connect it to the other aquatic sections. The water is salt based, and special membranes keep the fresh and salt water sections seperated, despite their being connected.


This area is fresh water, and features 3 sides viable from below through the walls. One side is grassy and allows for getting out onto land in a grassy area. Ideal for river and lake pokemon and their morphs. Large burrows allow for mating and sleep, and any other natural private needs. From a massive balcony of sorts people can see from above the grassy area, as well as the water, giving a great overhead glimpse of the area. A simple walk downstairs allows for one to see the exhibit from the below ground level angle, a great view of what is swimming in the water. It is connected to the other aquatic exibits via a tunnel running under the grassy area. A above ground tunnel connects it to the rocky sea area.

Rocky Sea:

This area mimics a rocky coastal area. The area is half water, with a set up similar to the lake areas. However for the land section, it is a large rocky shore, with many caves, used by the pokemon and morphs for mating, sleep, etc. An underwater tunnel connects it to the other aquatic areas. A rocky tunnel above ground connects it to the lake area.

Underwater Gardens:

This entirely water based area is viewable from all 4 sides. It is entirely water and filled with plants that grow underwater. As a result, it's much like an underwater forest. This allows for pokemon and morphs to swim amongst the plants to their content. Similarly to the open sea area, a large tunnel passing through the exhibit allows for viewing it from another angle, for spectacular "bottom of the sea/lake" viewing. It is connected to the other aquatic areas through a tunnel

Central Pool:

All tunnels connect to this area. It has mild currents, and is viewable from all angles save below and inside, through balconies and see through walls. Pokemon or morphs need only swim through this area and into more tunnels to go to other areas.

Grassland Habitat

Grassy Expanse:

This area is the largest of the grassland habitat. It features a wide flat exhibit covered in grass and plants. Many burrows and like allow for a pokemon or morphs mating and sleep needs. Several paths allow visitors to walk among the exhibit, protected from the freaks. Short underground tunnels allow going from one side of the paths to another, and make it an easy thing to do. These are so wide and large that even stantler and other deer-like pokemon are able to do so easily.


This area features high grass as well as spare trees. This is adjacent to the grassy expanse area, as well as the forest, and only a walking path separates them. The trees allow for any climbing instincts to be for filled. A few paths crisscross this section, so that no matter where a morph/pokemon is, excepting in the caves, they are easily seen. Numerous rocky caves allow for privacy, for mating and such. Short underground tunnels allow going from one side of the paths to another, and make it an easy thing to do. These are so wide and large that even stantler and other deer-like pokemon are able to do so easily.


This area is connected to the other grassland areas, and borders both the grassy expanse and the savannah, and is merely across the walking path. The trees are more common here, but still sparse enough for little to no privacy. Dens made from roots and rock are here, for any private needs. Numerous paths crisscross this area. Short underground tunnels allow going from one side of the paths to another, and make it an easy thing to do. These are so wide and large that even stantler and other deer-like pokemon are able to do so easily.


This large area is mostly sloping grassland. It has several crisscrossing paths and is adjacent to the forest and grassy expanse. One merely has to cross a path seperating the two. Large boulders on an otherwise grassy area and some small cliffs and a pond show allow for great covering for other types of open field pokemon / morphs. Small caves give some small privacy, but anyone can see them from the paths otherwise. Numerous paths crisscross this area. Short underground tunnels allow going from one side of the paths to another, and make it an easy thing to do. These are so wide and large that even stantler and other deer-like pokemon are able to do so easily.

Cave Habitat

Central Cave:

This massive cavernous area is the heart of the cave habitat. All areas of the cave habitat are connected to this area. Protected and encased tunnels allow for a user to walk certain paths through this cave. It is lit slightly dim, but still fitting for virtually all cave pokemon/morphs. Balconies allow for guest viewing from above. Pools of water allow for pokemon who are water based who reside in caves. These are connected to other cave pools via tunnels.

Fire Cave:

These caves are underground, connected to the other volcanic areas. They are made from dark blacks, browns, and red rocks. They are fairly hot, and are ideal for underground fire type pokemon and morphs. The light is fairly dim, but just bright enough to hide nothing in the dimness. Smaller branch caves allow for limited privacy. this cave has balconies that are insulated from the heat, and a single wall is transparent for side viewing. This is conected to the central cave via a few tunnels.

Dark Cave:

Nearly pitch black, these caves are virtual un-viewable, and mimic deep caves, and suited for pokemon or morphs of things like sableye. 2 large transparent walls are high tech enough to allow viewing, via being night vision translators of sorts. pools of water mimicking underground rivers allow for water based cave pokemon. Connected to the central cave via tunnels.

Bird Habitat


These rocky cliffs are in a large dome, preventing any flying pokemon or morphs from escaping. The cliffs have numerous small caves for mating purposes or sleep, each with a nest inside. Balconies allow great view from several elevations. The area was built into the ground, and large amounts of earth and rock were removed from the pit this is built into, the very tops reaching ground level. Elevators and stairs allow access to multiple balconies for viewing. Domed paths along the cliffs allow for more up close viewing.


This area is largely filled with spare but large trees. it is domed to prevent flying away. Large nests are found in many trees, or avian pokemon and morphs. This is often preferred for many birds who do not reside in mountainous areas. Numerous domed paths are present, allowing for up close walking view of the captives. This area is connected to the cliffs via an enclosed tunnel in the cliffs leading to it, and another enclosed tunnel above ground.

Mountain Habitat


This section is built onto a real mountain, though it's still entirely protected and enclosed. It mimics a real volcano. (though the mountain is not one.) Pools of super hot water are abundant and it is heated to great temperatures via technology. Tunnels allow access to the other areas. Small caves allow for sleep and limited privacy. Enclosed tunnels for walking around, shielded from the heat, are used by visitors to view the "wildlife."

Steep Mountain:

This steep rocky area is full of boulders and rocks, as well as ample grass and mountain plants. This area is large and ideal for rock and ground type pokemon or morphs. Enclosed tunnels and tunnels through the ground allow for travel between areas. Enclosed tunnels for walking around, are used by visitors to view the "wildlife." Small caves are present for any more private needs.


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Morph Zoo Information
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