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 Tatsu Poke morph

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PostSubject: Tatsu Poke morph   Tatsu Poke morph Icon_minitimeFri Dec 06, 2013 1:24 am

Name: Tatsu
Alias / Nickname:
Age: 17
Gender: Male 
Race: Pokemorph


Tatsu is a young seventeen year old boy who is almost six feet tall. He dresses like any other human would , usually wearing a white or purple hoody and a long sleeved shirt. However unlike most humans this boys hair has turned a shade of white with a small tint of purple. His hair is short and falls just to the middle of his neck except for the two tuffs that stick up which look like small ears. His skin is fair and he has violet eyes which is very uncommon among most people. However what is most chocking is his long purple tail that is about five feet long, but due to its slender form he is able to hide it by wrapping it around his torso and under his shirt. 

He tends to wear dark purple or black jeans, as for accessories he wears a small necklace made from black nylon string, hanging from the string is a small blue gem.
In a state of anger or great emotional stress his eyes change and glow into a bright sapphire color.

Personality: After learning to survive and spending time with pokemon Tatsu developed into a very kind and carrying person who loves to run around and have fun just like when he was a child before the accident. He often enjoys talking to other pokemon and fighting to understand his power. He has great sympathy for those who are weaker than others and hates bully's. He often protects lower ranking pokemon like caterpie and pidgey from predators. 

However there are times when he does get sad , which can be often. The thing that bugs him most is the fact that he has no real friends, of course he talks to pokemon now and then but eventually they scurry off never to be seen again. He is most at peace at night however, he loves the quiet and things that you could only see during the night such as the stars above and most of all the moon. Ever since he woke up that one fateful night in the forest he found comfort in the moon, so large and bright  perfect for lighting the way and watching over him. 

Goals: Find yourself, protect those who need it. Bring peace to the world.

Pokemon/Pokemorph Information:

Type: Human> pokemon
Species: Mewtwo
Abilities: (List any pokemon abilities for a pokemon or pokemorph character.)
Type(s): Psychic 
Battle Rank: 3
Stats: .
Spec. Attack:4
Spec. Defense:3
Level-up Moves:

current moves:

levelup moves:

Nation: Rathia
Alliances: Neutral
Education: HIghschool education and basic understanding of a pokemons feelings through capabilities to speak with them although just the gists.

History and it's Gifts:

Skills/Talents: Levitation: he is able to float above the ground but not very high, no much higher than a fit human can jump.
PokeSpeak: He also has the ability to speak to pokemon however only the gist of what they mean. 
Tail: His tail is quite durable and he has great control being able to pick things up and even balance on it, however it can only hold up to 40 pounds.

Weakness: Bug Dark and Ghost Types
Faults: He has a slight memory loss and has no means of contact with humans.
Fears: Scientists , needles 

Tatsu was born in to a family of three consisting of his parents and his older brother Kyro, who was thirteen years old. They were just a normal family , the mother being a housewife and his brother a pokemon trainer just starting out. His father however was a scientist, a pokemon scientist to be specific. Unlike professors Oak Birch or Elm, Tatsu's father studied something much different. He was not interested in how pokemon bred or how they migrated, what he studied was their power. He was incredibly curious as to where this power came from and how it grew and developed. If he could find out how pokemon got their power he could possibly use this to get rich, a greedy intention indeed. His family was knew nothing of his work though.When Tatsu turned about 13 years old he thought about starting his own hourney to becoming a pokemon trainer, just like his brother had. For he had admired his brother to a great extent, he could recall days he would sit out in the yard watching him train his squirtle. He loved the connection they had in battle and the close friendship he had with his pokemon. Tatsu wished to have that kind of bond as well. Sadly this dream would not be realized, because his fathers work had hit road blocks, then the money stopped coming. With his brother off on his pokemon adventure and his mother staying at home being a housewife it was up to Tatsu to get a job to help support his family so he did. Tatsu got a job in the lab with his father cleaning up and taking basic notes. Tatsu didst very much enjoy this work but he did it for his family.

The roadblocks his father faced weighed heavy on his mind driving him to do even more greedy things, Tatsus father began capturing pokemon and preforming tests with genetics. Currently his favorite pokemon to test with were psychic because they seemed to have studied better with analyzing brain waves, and it was because of this a family would be ruined. Tatsu had grown to hate working with his father having witnessed many pokemon being tested on, and on one late evening he approached the lab to see a psychic type pokemon sitting in a small chamber. Enough was enough, Tatsu ran towards his father in a rage in order to try and stop the cruel tests, but in the mix had fallen into a chamber himself. The second chamber closed and locked itself as the inside began to burst with light. After the chamber reopened Tatsu walked out slowly, and changed to something his father almost couldn't believe. The boys black hair had turned almost completely white, and his eyes were a shade of violet. His father rushed over quickly and put his son into the one of the showers meant for washing away radioactivity or anything else that could be harmful during experiments.

After coming home his mother was shocked at what had happened and utterly disgusted with her husbands recklessness and lack of regard for their sons safety, and naturally she left the next morning without much word. Now it was just Tatsu and his father in the house. Time passed and Tatsu went through high school, being called names because of his strange white hair. This was nothing however to what had happened at home. One night Tatsu noticed he was starting to gain some strange abilities, those of the psychic nature. Most guys would thing this was awesome! Well he did as well....until his father noticed as well. Thinking he had reached some sort of breakthrough the man began forming tests on his son in fits of greed and desperation. From these tests tatsu began to change more , growing a tail. Yes a tail! But his father couldn't let others see him like this, his work could possibly get compromised! The lab became Tatsu's new home.

Many tests later Tatsu had become a pokemorph , one with very great psychic capabilities but it was the last test that took things to far. While sleeping in a chamber of strange liquid Tatsu had heard his father speak to a colleague of his newest upcoming experiment, one that would give him the abilities of a pokemon, but at the cost of the variable...aka Tatsu. Blacking out Tatsu's instincts went into action and he blacked out as he burst from the pod with eyes that glowed like sapphire began to destroy the lab with new found power. After seeing what he had done Tatsu ran, he ran as fast as he could out of the lab and soon out of the city, of course getting looks from those he passed by. He would never return to city again. When he came to he found himself in a forest alone, cold and scared. His head ached terribly and he had a blurred memory. Now he began a new chapter, a chapter of survival and understanding
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PostSubject: Re: Tatsu Poke morph   Tatsu Poke morph Icon_minitimeFri Dec 06, 2013 8:35 pm

Approved for use.


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Tatsu Poke morph
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