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 Capture Styler!

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Sayomi Hayashi


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PostSubject: Capture Styler!   Thu Dec 05, 2013 6:24 pm

Name: Ranger Styler

Type:  Pokemon ranger tool


The antenna will extend into a glowing blue beam about 1 foot in length. the disc is stored inside the styler and launched when in use. The color and the design on the cover vary from user to user.

Description: A Capture Styler is a device invented by Professor Hastings and used by Pokémon Rangers. It allows them to temporarily take command of wild Pokémon and it also has built-in phone capabilities.
It is similar to a remote-controlled toy top. A spinning, top-like device called a Capture Disc is launched which is controlled from the main device. The disc is used to circle a pokemon and create a temporary friendship. It can also be used to calm a rampaging pokemon down.

If the disc is knocked away by a pokemon then it returns to the styler and the capture is considered a fail.

Rank 1-2 pokemon must be circled once.
Rank 3-4 pokemon must be circled twice.
Rank 5-6 pokemon must be circled three times.
Rank 7-8 pokemon must be circled four times.

(Please note that the disc is shown to fly in the anime.)

• The user must be a pokemon ranger. (Group coming soon! I promise.)

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Paz The Black Yin


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PostSubject: Re: Capture Styler!   Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:08 pm

approved and it would be a starter item for rangers,thus,having no price

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Capture Styler!
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